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    Returning - Lots of Barb questions

    1) Echoing Fury + offhand vs Skorn. Which one and why?

    2) Why is Echoing Fury better than a rare with similar stats? Does the unique +atk speed affix apply to your offhand as well or something?

    3) Does the fear chance on Echoing Fury make the item better or worse or does it not matter? Do people want high or low chance? Is it annoying when it procs for a Barb?

    4) Are IAS, CC, CD rings better than Stone of Jordans?

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    1) Depends on playstyle. I use my MH+echoing fury for ww build and i have a skorn i use for a rend build which i use when i can be bothered to powerlvl my paragon.
    2) AFAIK the attack bonus applies to both main hand and off hand which makes it a lot better than most rares with equivalent stats by a long shot.
    3)The fear is a pain in the ass but i've noticed that when the echoing fury is in my off hand the fear procs a lot less when using ww and sprint. For barb the higher the fear the more annoying it is.
    4)Cant really help there never been bothered to sift through the auctions to find one but 30% extra damage to elites is gonna be pretty hard to beat. i know a few barbs take them to kind of counteract the fear from echoing fury by get %cold damage on the rings.

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    4) Are IAS, CC, CD rings better than Stone of Jordans?
    SoJ is great for HotA Builds. For ww or other builds, i would prefer the first ones.

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    Get skorn win the game as a barb that is all.
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