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    Thunderforged Items

    With the implementation of Thunderforged gear there are now 5 different levels of gear that can drop from raids and lfr.

    I personally think there are enough item modifications already that this is overkill. There are gems, enchants, reforging, and adding 8 item lvl to items already. And every time you receive one upgrade 3 other items have to be re-gemmed, re-enchanted, etc to optimize the gear. This is especially weird after they just announced removing the npc's in 5.2 that added the 8 item levels through valor in 5.2. IMO, not a big fan of this right now.

    What do you guys think?
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    Theres atleast 4 more threads in the same topic, just so you know.

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    I basically see another artificial time sink here.
    Players need to raid much more once the patch hits to get the really best gear.

    But on the other hand I think it will add some more excitement to loot drops and I'm glad that those thunderforged items aren't 25 only.

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    Please use the existing thread to discuss this:


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