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    I got a should be renamed 10-18.

    I hate nothing more than not being able to get up a reasonable hour inn the morning. Getting up 7 inn the morning is a bloody joke.

    That is my sleeping problem atleast. Oh and I tend not be able to sleep fast either, cause I cant wind-down much fast and I tend to think alot in bed or so. Sucks Good tips inn this thread trough.

    I will also state that one should not take medicine all the time, for problems you're body should do automaticly. I renember reading warnings about digestion pills for people who can't go to the toilet propor, that if you keept taking the medicine you might need to do it every time you need to go to the toilet. Just something that scared me a little hehe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr-pills View Post
    I have now been having sleeping issues for 2 months now. Before I used to sleep 8-9h/night but now I'm only sleeping 4-6h/night and it's becoming an issue now. I'm tired all the time. I went to doctor and he gave me recipe for some sleeping pills but I refused. My mom uses those and she can't sleep anymore without them and I don't want that. Now I have tried many different things to sleep better. Cooling my room to about 17-18°C as someone said this would work but no. Warm milk before sleeping, nope. I have tried walking before sleeping, nope. Any good tips here. I'm willing to try many things as long as there are no pills included in it.

    Usually when I have trouble sleeping I am going out for a walk. A really long walk, maybe for about 1-1½ hour. After that I have no trouble sleeping

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    Maybe something silly, but when i cant sleep, i put on a playlist of 2-3 episodes of a series, turn of the screen, have the volume just high enough you can hear the conversations and then get into bed. Just listen to them and i fall asleep fine, plus i tend to sleep a bit longer then normally.

    Dont know if it works for you, hopefully it does, goodluck!

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    I tend to watch (mostly listen) to videos on youtube that make me sleepy. Mostly stuff like people whispering or unboxing stuff at a low volume. That seems to work for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obdigore View Post
    Exercise during the day. A lot. Work your body hard.
    This is such a cliché but trust me it works like a charm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Letmesleep View Post
    Try melatonin. It's a chemical your brain creates naturally to help you regulate your sleep. It's non-addictive, completely natural, and should help you get some better sleep. You can take this every night if you want to; I do. You can get melatonin at just about any drugstore or supermarket.
    And this I suggest as well. I've never had any sleeping troubles before in my life, until painmeds ruined my sleeping pattern and I'm unable to get myself thoroughly tired through workout. Started melatonin two weeks ago and I've slept like a baby, and best part is these don't make you groggy in the mornings, quite the opposite I wake up more energetic than in a long, long time.
    Best tips right on the first page, follow them.

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    I hate sleeping and try and delay it for as long as possible but I know that tomorrow will be shit if I don't hit the I tend to concentrate on what my breathing is doing and it works.
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    Do you sleep at regular times? Variable sleeping times can be hinky. Try to go to sleep at regular times. Also for the tiredness during the day, try a power nap...say 10 15 minutes. Shit works wonders. Sleep debt is very strange in that it is cumulative, and can be burned off in small chunks. You don't need a full nights sleep to erase it. Power naps help.
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    one thing that helps me is getting myself into a comfy position, then focus my eyes past my eye lids. when staring into nothingness you'll see colours and shapes take form, try not to think about what these shapes are but curiously watch them change and transform

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quetzl View Post
    put something on in the background like a fan while you sleep. White noise helps sometimes.

    Also, if you get into the habit of reading something right before you go to sleep, reading will become a trigger for you that you can use to your advantage

    Exercise during the day helps too

    Also I've heard that listening to music, playing games, or eating carbs before sleep makes it harder
    A fan will only help if there are night sounds such as cars, if not then it might actually make it worst, i had the worst time getting used to a fan at night (gf uses it)

    Reading is good yes, it makes you focus quite a lot and that tires you, also it comes to another important thing that will mention later.
    Exercise ofc, gets you tired Not to mention that exercise is a crucial way to regulate the body, a reason why completely sedentary life is bad, the body was made to move and a LOT of bodily functions depend on it.

    And this is the point yes, before you go to sleep you NEED to cut off stimulus, specially if they have bright lights such as a laptop, the body regulates itself via light, if you have a bright screen your body wont start producing melatonin, your body needs almost perfect darkness to rest properly and its hard to fall asleep if your brain is wired on video games or music.

    My suggestion is as follows:

    Decide what time you want to go to sleep every day
    1h before hand cut off computer, tv, music.
    Exercise a bit, say 10-20m.
    Then relax with a nice book, a hobby or such, things that make you focus but dont stimulate you, reading, painting, drawing and so forth are good things for it.
    this is a problem with a lot of people, and it stems many times from not realizing the body evolved in a world without artificial lights, so it is regulated by light and diet.

    Quote Originally Posted by semaphore View Post
    I tried keeping a small light on. It helped me a bit.

    I also have absolutely no idea why.
    Counter intuitive really, as sleep requires no light, maybe you have a slight dark phobia? so it relaxes you?

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    Sleep habits can be strange; when I was a teenager I struggled greatly with not being able to sleep more than 4 hours a night. Now as an adult it hardly bothers me, in fact, sometimes I can go 2-3 days with no sleep and then sleep for 4 hours and I'm back up again. I literally sleep at least half as much as any other adult I know and it completely baffles people who know me and find me awake at random hours but I think some people just adjust to a lot less sleep. I tried everything to sleep a normal amount of hours, including eventually resorting to prescription drugs which made me feel like an absolute zombie the next day - awful. I would not recommend them unless as a last resort, I woke up feeling groggy and hungover every time I took them, not well rested at all.

    As I got older sleeping less became easier and easier for me but I had a tough few years.

    I know this isn't any advice really; you've gotten a lot of the normal advice already in this thread, but if nothing works for you, don't force it, going to bed, lying there and worrying about whether you're going to fall asleep or not is definitely not going to help. As for me, I just try to relax and if I'm not tired, I don't even bother going to bed anymore because there's nothing more depressing than lying in bed for 8 hours and only sleeping for half of it.

    Otherwise what people have suggested really

    - Noises - find something that relaxes you, water is a popular one, you can get rain music, ocean music, or even jungle, rainforest, whale sounds, god knows what, some sounds relax different people.

    - Smells - lavender works great to relax me. Different smells can trigger your body and muscles to relax.

    - Activities - If I physically exercise I'm more likely to fall asleep, although often my mind is still awake even if my body is bone weary so that's hit and miss.

    - Food & Drink - Personally I can't sleep if I've eaten recently. A hot drink helps me relax, but make sure it doesn't have caffeine or too much sugar in it, you may be suprised at the amount of caffeine in some drinks.

    And ultimately you may want to look at what changed in your life around the time you started sleeping less, and even talk to a counsellor if you think you're under any pressure, stress or anxiety. There's probably a cause there somewhere, and it may be something you don't even realise you're worried about.

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    Heey man,

    It sucks missing those hours... and you're right about these pills... you don't wanna get hooked to it...
    However I find it easy to sleep after rolling an joint, and smoke it, then watch some tv for like 30+ minutes then can fall asleep easily....?
    Well atleast you will have no problems sleeping.... Not sure if I can even suggest weed in this fucked up world..... but it works and is, if done right, really not that harmless like pills and such.... THO Watch out... cause you might Like it..... And thats the worst of all right.... liking it + it working....
    But yeah... Good luck and Sleepwell my frient!

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    Masturbate relentlessly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pucGG View Post
    Masturbate relentlessly.
    Never understood this tbh, i must be a really odd guy, sex or masturbation stimulates me, i use it to WAKE up :P
    If i masturbate before sleep im going to spend at least 30m looking at the ceiling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurioxan View Post
    Never understood this tbh, i must be a really odd guy, sex or masturbation stimulates me, i use it to WAKE up :P
    If i masturbate before sleep im going to spend at least 30m looking at the ceiling
    If you do it furiously till you feel the burn in your arm - you should get tired. Going for another round directly after the first one should drain your energy lvls pretty well.
    Doing it dry will let you go on for a bit longer, but you might risk friction burns. Also arse sweat in my case.
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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    Not going to lie after rubbing one out I'm ready for a nap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einherjarn View Post
    If you do it furiously till you feel the burn in your arm - you should get tired. Going for another round directly after the first one should drain your energy lvls pretty well.
    Doing it dry will let you go on for a bit longer, but you might risk friction burns. Also arse sweat in my case.
    Why not exercise then? :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Not going to lie after rubbing one out I'm ready for a nap.
    Yeah that is quite normal with guys, thus the cliche and the complains of many women on how guys fall asleep afterwards, to me it wires me up, im ready for more or to go elsewhere, it makes me all but sleepy...

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    Melatonin, masturbation, sex, smoking, or working out during the day. All have helped me to this day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kardezar View Post
    Melatonin, masturbation, sex, smoking, or working out during the day. All have helped me to this day.
    Smoking only if you are an addict to start with, wont work on nonsmokers unless you mean that it forces you to focus and breath, as meditation does (albeit a really crappy one :P)
    Sex and masturbation wont work if OP is like me
    Melatonin though, yep

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    This might only apply to me, but watching TV or something while trying to sleep with the volume semi-low really helps. Also one other thing to consider is finding a schedule that allows you to sleep when you feel like it---- scheduling things that you need to do in the late afternoon or early evening, or working longer hours so your days working simply consist of sleeping then going to work, while having more days off.

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    Nothing in your post indicates this is a problem, but obstructive apnea is something you should at least consider. Look for a broad chest, overly large neck and delicate jaw. Do you snore? Have you been told you stop breathing when you sleep? Do you wake up with a headache and dry mouth? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with your chest heaving? If you find yourself nodding as you read along, consult a doctor. It is something that tends to get worse with age, it may only now be starting to take a bite out of you. If you don't have it ... be happy. If you do have it, inability to sleep through the night starts to lead to daytime fatigue and eventually the risk of zoning out while you do something dangerous like driving. If you dodge that, you get to wear out your heart as you fight for oxygen. In other words, not a good thing. If it sounds like you might have it don't mess around. Some things like sleeping pills can actually make the problem worse.

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