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    What 3 battle pets do people use?

    I dont really know what forum to put this in so going general if mods wanna move it thats fine. Im totally new to pet stuff and actually laughed at the idea when it was first introduced but Im actually enjoying it. Also making some good gold getting rare pets to level 9, caging them, and then selling them like the raid drop ones. But Im just wondering what pets people use? None of mine are 25 yet but so far my setup is:

    Nether Ray Fry
    Fluxfire Feline

    All rare of course. Just wondering for PvE fights only if thats a good setup? Like when I get to MoP zones and start doing the dailies what are considered the best pets for those?
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    When you start doing the MoP dailies there is a handful of pets that really make a difference. Idealy ones that take less damage from a certain type but also have an abilty that does extra damage against that same type. For example, snails in general are awesome at taking down elementals, chrominnius great for flyers, kun lai runt for critters, so on. I have about 7-8 pets i'll rotate around depending on what exactly i'm fighting.

    Kul lai runt for example has a couple of beast abilities while being a humanoid. Beast bonus damage against critters and humanoids take less damage from critters. Win win.

    Trying to think of the rest of them.

    Edit: The engineering mechanical pandaren dragonling is great against magic types.

    Edit 2: Scourged whelpling for dragonkin.

    Edit 3: Shrine Fly for aquatic. Any type of frog for undead.

    Think that's all of them, there is no good beast killer to my knowledge, a good mechanical with a repair type ability usually does the job.
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    I use a few different pets: Snail, Fox, Mech Gnome, Celestial Dragon, Scorpion, and Moth.

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    Also have a Snail and also Lil Tarecgosa that Im also trying to keep leveled but having so many pets and trying to level them all up while also leveling a character just seems like its taking too much time.
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    A lot of people use the Maggot and the Clockwork Gnome and then some form of Dragon.
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    Coming up I used an Ash Spiderling, Lil XT, and Mr. Grubbs. Phoenix Hatchling is quite good also.

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    Idk what everyone else does.


    I do suggest, once you get up there and can get it, the fel flame from Shadowmoon Valley. It's a little annoying to catch a rare one, but he's pretty great and I used him on almost every PvE tamer battle, and still do on most of the dailies. He has Conflagrate, which hits hard and hits twice if the target is burned, and he has multiple ways to burn enemies which allows some versatility and wiggle room for matching types for battles. He's not bad on defense either, but he's a little bit slow.

    Type matching and pitting a type that's strong against another is typically what most people go for, but I got by quite fine without leveling extra pets to beat the high level tamers. The only ones I had trouble with were the guy at the Argent Tournament, the guy in Dragonblight, and the earth Pandaren elemental. I didn't level a new pet for any of them except the earth elemental, and the one I leveled for him was an unassuming masked tanuki pup. Still have to use that pup every time I fight him for the daily.

    Honestly, one of the best pets I have and one I used to beat all the tamers up to the end was a sand kitten. He doesn't have unique abilities, pretty much the exact same that every cat has, but feline pet move synergy really can't be beat. Screech lowers your opponent's speed, pounce does double damage if you're faster, and devour will heal your pet if you finish off the enemy with it. I find that it's pretty flimsy for PvP battles as people typically avoid letting you get a killing blow on a pet, but for the PvE battles it's a really good synergy. If you use it while leveling another pet, you almost never have to use bandages or go to a stable master to heal up because of devour. If you're fighting normal field pets, you'll typically be faster and his other move besides screech will lower the damage of the opponent's next move, which is also really good for going a long time without having to heal. Not to mention, beast types smash critters and there are a ton of those in the wild.

    There aren't enough pet battle fourms that I know of to read up on what pets other people use, so this advice and experience is all I have to give you.
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    Ghostly Skull
    Sprite Darter Hatchling

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    If I haven't even started any kind of pet battling at all but I have a fair number of pets from before pet battling was a thing, what's the most OP team I can start pet battling with?
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    Currently using: Lil' K.T., Winterspring Cub, and Onyxian Whelpling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsz View Post
    If I haven't even started any kind of pet battling at all but I have a fair number of pets from before pet battling was a thing, what's the most OP team I can start pet battling with?
    Just read some posts on the official forums but I cant post there. Seems a lot of people swear by the Anub Idol off of Twin Imps, the Fluxfire Feline, Snails, and Crabs. My crab and FFF are just OP. My FFF can 1 shot anything and even at only level 13 has hit for 1400 after using Prowl then Windup. I have used them to power level up sellable pets to level 9 before caging them to sell. Crab just cant be killed at all. Also for some reason it seem like everyone just throws gold at you for level 9 rare pets. Dont know why not very hard to level them from 1-9.

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    FFF, Anubis, Shimmering Wyrmling
    I'm sure any FFF can 1 shot your crab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    I'm sure any FFF can 1 shot your crab.
    And which MoP trainers for the dailies are using FFFs that would one shot my crab? Unless theres some type of rating system and rewards for PvP pet battles they arent worth wasting my time over.

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    At the moment my highest level pets are Tyrael, Lil' XT and Little Fawn. Oh and Deathy. As you can tell I picked them because I liked them not because they're any good in pet battles :P

    I'm actually leveling at least one of every family, slow going. Once I've got all my fun pets levelled I'll think about making a competitive team.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    And which MoP trainers for the dailies are using FFFs that would one shot my crab? Unless theres some type of rating system and rewards for PvP pet battles they arent worth wasting my time over.
    Pet PVP is just there for fun afaik but it is a pretty good way to level pets. Provided the pets you want to level are OP sons of bitches :P
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    Trying to figure out how to get rid of pets that I dont want. When people buy pets off the AH do they want leveled pets or level 1s? I have multiples of things like Mr Grubbs and the raid pets. I dont plan on using any raid pets other than Anub Idol, which I just got, so figured Id sell them. I heard people want level 9 pets because of the achievement for getting a bunch of pets to level 10. But do any pets sell for more than others? And like I said does it add value if they are leveled?

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    I've only just started with pet battling but based on recommendations I've read, I'm currently using:
    Fluxfire Feline
    Terrible Turnip

    Terrible Turnip has been a must while I'm trying to capture pets because I have a tendency to accidently kill most of them if I'm not using the turnip's ability to bring them down to 1 HP instead of 0. I'm sure I'll only use this while leveling and capturing pets though. I'll change to something else later.

    I heard that Fluxfire Feline was awesome and it really is. A stealth plus a charge up and then release of it's #2 ability is enough to kill most pets in battles, and as far as Mojo goes, he's the only blue quality frog I currently had and I'd read that frogs were good for their charm ability plus their heal.

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    I'm mostly just doing leveling with my pets instead of PvP, but I've had success with Chrominius, Nordrassil Wisp and Flayer Youngling. I'll probably replace the flayer with Anubisath Idol once I get it.

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    I use Anubisath Idol & Fluxfire Feline & a pet to level each day on ALL PVE Tamers each day and beat them very easy.
    And if you look for a community for more pet battle info check out

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    Fluxfire Feline is a must.. he 1 shots nearly every pet! ofcouse you need 3 rounds but still a 1 shot 3k on weaks
    Emerald Whelpling good vs magic and flying + a HoT
    Mini Tyrael very good vs Dragonkin.

    The fishing daily crocs are very good too

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    I have 27 rare level 25s, so I can switch to whatever I need. Anubisath can solo a few pandaren trainers and spirits, especially Aki and the waer spirit. Great way to level other pets :-)
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