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    CRZ (not another whinepost) question

    I read on these boards the following idea:

    (not exact quote) "CRZ is a step towards something bigger. While at the moment we are bound to one server, CRZ may ultimately make every server into one. (not talking about not having server firsts etc for your own server) Guilds will be able to crossrealm-recruit without the player paying a fee. etc etc."

    Basically we will become one "happy" family.

    Do you think this is what Blizzard intents? I for one don't like CRZ one bit in the state it is currently in. But I do believe that if they won't merge servers, this "expansion of CRZ" will be pretty ok.

    What do you think?

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    Who knows what goes through their minds.

    They did plenty of good things , and CRZ was one of them.. so it can just get better .

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