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    SS vs EF 25 man Tank Healer

    I'd like to rehash this arguement for my particular situation

    We are a 25 man group that is just starting to push heroics, we are 3/6 hMSV and 16/16 reg. We have a short 6 hour raid week and we currently seem to be bringing in a new tank each week. Some of the tanks we are using are a bit undergeared. We have had problems with some of these newer tanks and a problem with Bear tanks in general for being way too spikey. So I'm considering using SS to help smoothe incoming tank damage.

    Our healing comp is 2 holy pallys 2 disc priests and a shaman and or monk depending on 5 or 6 healing.

    With having the two disc priests and thier infinite absorbs, and the other paladin rockin EF, I was wondering if it would be worth it to swap to SS. On most fights I do not cast EF on targets aside from tanks frequently, and I would say that 75% or more of my healign done is to the tanks. This week I do plan on trying SS but I was wondering if I should hit the haste breakpoint for the extra tick/faster ticks or not. I loose ~10% mastery in order to hit it. Last week I tried 1 night as SS/Haste build using my pvp gear and although my mastery absorbs were significantly lower than the other pally, the SS+Mastery made our absorbs basically the same (I ended up goign OOM due to 8.1k spirit in the PVP gear I was using and how it was gemmed. I basically wanted to see the SS numbers before I reforged/gemmed me pve gear just in case I had to swap back in order to kill the fight). The only difference being was that my absorbs were soley on the tank(s) while his were spread out over the raid.

    Basically Im looking for people who have tried SS build, and If they preferred Mastery or hitting the Haste breakpoint. In terms of being a tank healer and healing with our healing setup I think the SS might bring my overall eHPS down but will help me fulfill my role as tank healer better.

    This week I am going to keep my mastery reforge and ignore the haste breakpoint and use SS just to see what the numbers will look like. Ill update accordingly

    Lookin for feedback from other 25 man healers. Thnx
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