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  • Paladin

    30 16.57%
  • Rogue

    14 7.73%
  • Mage

    14 7.73%
  • Priest

    13 7.18%
  • Monk

    3 1.66%
  • Hunter

    23 12.71%
  • Warlock

    15 8.29%
  • Shaman

    14 7.73%
  • Druid

    34 18.78%
  • Monk

    7 3.87%
  • Warrior

    14 7.73%
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    If you could only play one class.....

    Hi Fellow Mmo-Champs!

    The Tittle says it all....
    ....What if you could only play one class?!
    What class would you be playing and for what reason!

    I have allot of alts but if i would need to pick one of them it
    would be Paladin. The reason being its a hybrid class and i
    really enjoy Retri PvP.

    What is your Favorite?

    Mistake in poll: No dk's, 2x monk.
    Sorry for this
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    Will never re-roll away from my druid. Have I tough it`? Sure, but once you're a druid you play it to you quit the game completely, inn my case anyway.
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    Scarab Lord Loaf Lord's Avatar
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    Probably monk which is currently my main. I find all casters mind numbingly boring, and so far I've had a ton of fun with my monk.

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    Druid since then I could tank/heal/range dps/melee dps

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    Stood in the Fire Tovarish24's Avatar
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    I have had every class at max, and my sig shows current stats, but I'd probably go with Warlock. I play affliction through and through, in PvP that is, and even though the other specs are considered better in arena atm, I think a good affliction lock is always an asset to a team.
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    2 Monk choices, no DK choice? You actually being serious?

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    Stood in the Fire Kfresh's Avatar
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    Pally. Has been my main from day one, and will be until I quit

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    Priest, main since vanilla, always raided with it. Most fun healer class for me(Holy), tried the other healers but it just wasn't the same.

    Sometimes I would think about leveling another class first when wotlk/cataclysm hit, but when I had to log for the first time, I just had to click on my priest.

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    Lightforged Draenei Glaziola's Avatar
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    Deathknight but cant vote as theres no choice -.-

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    Warchief Felarion's Avatar
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    Warrior My 1st pick after i lunch wow on trail was warrior

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    Fluffy Kitten Zoma's Avatar
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    Paladin. Hell, it's pretty much the only class I'm playing anyway. All my alts are for professions nowadays.

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    I already only play a mage as it is. =0

    Btw, love how there's 2 monk options and no dk option.

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    Warchief Muis's Avatar
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    If you could only play one class.....
    I'd quit.

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    Warrior, he was my second character I ever made and has been my main since late BC. No matter how many different classes I level and even raid with, I always end up going back to him eventually.

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    I'm surprised 2 people voted for rogues

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    also: why are there 2 monk options and zero DK options? lol
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    who stole the DK's?

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    Druid is the only logical choice, it's the only class that gives you the chance to perform every role.
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    I would probably go paladin if I could only choose one. The only reason would be that you can do all three roles, and its a hell of a lot more fun than Druid.

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    I would be a GM with all the strongest abilities and passive abilities from all the classes mixed.

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    Well, warlock. I got things that bother me about all classes depending on the expansion/patch, but warlock is always what I fall back on.

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