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  • Paladin

    30 16.57%
  • Rogue

    14 7.73%
  • Mage

    14 7.73%
  • Priest

    13 7.18%
  • Monk

    3 1.66%
  • Hunter

    23 12.71%
  • Warlock

    15 8.29%
  • Shaman

    14 7.73%
  • Druid

    34 18.78%
  • Monk

    7 3.87%
  • Warrior

    14 7.73%
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    Mechagnome Ruderic's Avatar
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    Warrior! It was the first class I created, even if not the one I played the most, but currently it's the one I enjoy playing the most by a long shot.
    It ain’t wise to poke a warrior so much, sonny. We just might poke ya back.

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    Druid has it all. Tanks Heals DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bottlecap123 View Post
    Hi Fellow Mmo-Champs!

    The Tittle says it all....
    ....What if you could only play one class?!
    What class would you be playing and for what reason!

    I have allot of alts but if i would need to pick one of them it
    would be Paladin. The reason being its a hybrid class and i
    really enjoy Retri PvP.

    What is your Favorite?

    Mistake in poll: No dk's, 2x monk.
    Sorry for this
    Druid, paladin or monk probably.

    Pures suck ass.

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    Warrior - still haven't abandoned him since day 1

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    While druid isn't my favourite, I chose to level several 90s because I favour versatility, if I was locked to one druid simply has the most varied role options of Rdps, Mdps, tank and healer.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    I like my paladin most.

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    I'd have to go with druid, my restoration druid gets more play time than my rogue.

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    I had to go druid ... pre-MoP, would've been my lock, I loved it, but, there are some things they changed I just can't get into, and will always want it back the way it was ... so time to move on. They've almost made me feel like that with my druid a few times but usually as I started to dislike one spec, the other was improved and I enjoyed it for a while , and have definitely made me feel like that with other toons.

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    Dreadlord Darchi's Avatar
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    In a heart of my wife...
    Rogue Till Die...

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    Would never let my Shadow Priest down.
    I have two of them, since I find all others boring and...not as evil.
    No Envy, No Fear

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    The Undying Wildtree's Avatar
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    No Brainer.. My Druid.. Most versatile class in the game. Gives the most variety

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    Stood in the Fire Vashi's Avatar
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    Priest for the reason its my main...
    Retired... but for how long? WAS DRAGGED TO THE LEGION HYPETRAIN!!!

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    High Overlord Z-Dem's Avatar
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    For me it's mage. Mage is the first one I ever played, and been my main ever since. I have almost every class, many on max level, but mage is the one I've always liked the most.

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    Brewmaster xindykawai's Avatar
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    my shaman !!!!
    i love her so much, i like all the 3 spec, so it would be s shaman for sure ! and if even we could play one race, troll !

    and why is there 2 monk in the poll ?

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    Titan Gallahadd's Avatar
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    Well since MoP I've ONLY played my Monk. Seriously, I've not even logged onto my other mains except to get my looms and steal money, so I kinda already AM only playing one class. With the increases in patch speed and the metric fuckton of stuff to do every time I get to that "Urg, I'm bboorreedd" stage either a new patch comes out, or I think "Oh Wait, I've still not done X" so I go and do that and all is good again.
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    First class was paladin, current main is that same paladin. I have played many other alts and paladin has not always been my main but it seems to be the class that I always end up coming back to and playing.

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    Mechagnome Flalia4's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Warrior although Im having a lot of fun with WW monk though if they introduce demon hunter's (im still hoping!) that will be my main until wow ends.

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    Where's ma dk son? D:
    When someone says that women can not join a raid there's only one question left.
    Quote Originally Posted by chrth View Post
    They raid without healers?

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    Enhance Shaman since day 1. Shaman all the way.

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