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  • Paladin

    30 16.57%
  • Rogue

    14 7.73%
  • Mage

    14 7.73%
  • Priest

    13 7.18%
  • Monk

    3 1.66%
  • Hunter

    23 12.71%
  • Warlock

    15 8.29%
  • Shaman

    14 7.73%
  • Druid

    34 18.78%
  • Monk

    7 3.87%
  • Warrior

    14 7.73%
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    While I've spent more game time on my druid over the years than any other character, I've had my priest almost as long and she's been my main for the most recent chunk of time that I've played. I love to heal, I don't tank, and I don't mind dps but I'm not very good at it, so if I was going to choose anything it'd make sense that I'd go with the one class that has two different healing specs so that if one gets nerfed to the ground (which might very well happen soon) then I'll still have the other one to play.

    Therefore, I chose priest in your poll.

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    I'll tell you what I wouldn't. Melee. They're all mind numbingly boring in MoP. Attack, gcd, attack, gcd, check secondary power, attack, gcd, finisher. Repeat.
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    Easy poll for me. Only have my Warrior which i made 8 years ago. Never had any alts.

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