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    Fonts for european AND cyrillic letters

    Recently I got annoyed by the ????????? - ???????? in battlegrounds, and found a solution to this, downloaded cyrillic friz quadrata fonts and copied them into c:/wowlocation/fonts. Problem now is that those fonts do not support letters like å ä ö ü ø é and so on and show the cyrillic characters instead.

    Anyone knows how to fix this? Do I have to download fonts which support both? Thanks

    EDIT: Ok I noticed its actually harder than it seems so here an additional problem, while the fonts in chat are shown in cyrillic those in ShadowUnitFrames (hp/mana/party frames) still show ?????? instead of letters.
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    Have you tried placing the cyrillic Fritz Qudrata in the fonts directory of the addons as well?
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    Oh yes thanks for the tip I haven't tried that yet but seems promising.

    But regarding my first question, any solution how to actually get all possible or at least common special letters to display aswell (because for example ë shows as Л, which was working before)? Do I just need a "font package" that has all those characters and if so where do I get one?

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    Try this font: DejaVu Sans

    It seems to support what you're asking for.

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    WoW doesn't use unicode/utf-8. WoW uses old 8-bit encoding. There's no way to display cyrillic and å ä ö ü ø é symbols at same time. AFAIK.
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    Thanks for the suggestion TellyTop but it was back to being only ???????????.

    Well seems its like Serissa said, can't display both at the same time so I'd rather change it back to the original one cause I don't need the cyrillic as often.

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