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    Best enchant for 80 twink?

    Sorry if this has been answered before:

    I just got hold of a bjams and I'm uncertain which enchants are best for level 80s. Is it the same for PvP and PvE? Dancing steel looks enticing but I've heard 80s actually might scale better with windsong. Or should I just stick with runeforging? If so, which one and why?

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    windsong and dancing steel are both really strong at 80. not sure which one is better.
    windsong might be the best just for the fact it's possible to have all 3 at once

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    Compared to dancing steel (+1600ish STR) Fallen Crusader only gives me 15 % str, which i dont believe will come even close to 1600. The heal also factors in, but im not sure how often or big it is.

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    windsong cuz of haste if you're frost or UH
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    Windsong for all specs. Depends on whether you're interested in soloing/pve or pvp. For pve/soloing windsong is best because you get alot of ap from vengance so extra 3.3k won't mean that much compared to having +35% crit, or +45% haste and parry bonus you'd get from the strenght is overkill. For pvp windsong is still better but not by such a large margin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bacon Grease View Post
    I'm uncertain which enchants are best for level 80s
    For as long as this game utilizes combat ratings, Windsong will be the best enchant for anything and anyone at that level.

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    Are we talking about DK's here? I was under the impression that our runeforges were still superior to enchants.

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    Not for a level 80, no. MoP enchants are static values.

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