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    So you quit in December and are now contemplating a return? Pretty much 0 has changed since(ok, there were some hotfixes, but that's it). You are better off waiting for 5.2 or 5.3 changes.
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    Dude come back! So what if you end up quitting eventually, nobody is going to play this game forever. If you manage to get a few months good play out of it and achieve a few things you desire, that's money well spent. I've been playing wow for over 6 years now, and used to raid like there was nothing else more important in my life haha granted I stopped for a year and had months off here and there, but over the past 2 years I've become a lot more casual, logging to own pvp with some buddies and thats pretty much it. So yeah if I can justify paying monthly purely for pvping a few times a week I'm pretty sure you can

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    I can underline this suggestion. It is very casual friendly.

    *) No grinds.
    *) Unique leveling experience per race.
    *) No subscription; pay once play forever.
    *) Cooperate with fellow players instead of compete (ie. nodes, mobs, dynamic events)
    *) Complete quests (hearts) the way you like.
    I don't understand how people say GW2 has no grind. I own the game and I do enjoy playing it occasionally but this is just not true. I suppose there is no grind if you don't want to do anything at max level. I mean, grind a dungeon ~70 times to get a set of gear. Grind mobs for drops to make a legendary. Grind karma to buy racial weapons/armor. What else is there? Map completion is easily completed in a couple days. I don't know anything about Fractals so maybe that has taken away some grind, idk.

    Unique leveling experience? Maybe until around level 30 then it all becomes the same.

    The rest I agree with. And I would say it is a good game but as OP said it just doesn't have enough to keep me interested for a long time.

    But OT: I am enjoying MoP so I'd say if you wanna come back give it a try. What have you got to lose? $15?

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    Only you can make that decision. Best of luck to you.

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