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    (H) Aeterna 10 man 15/16 norm LF non druid tank + 1 Elem Sham or Hunter

    Hi fellow raiders!

    Aeterna is a small, close knited guild, majorety of our player base is closer to 25 (in a few cases well into their 30s)

    Our experience warries from clearing Naxx 40 to fresh ones starting in Wotlk

    We raid wen / thur from 2000 to 2300.

    We want you to have a high attendance, but do understand that people have jobs, hobbies and god forbid wifes / Gfs. We also have vacations. So little or no rading during june / july and the two weeks before Xmas.

    Progression so far is 14/16 a little behind as our GM decided to go to Africa for 4 months and our off tank have had some jobb isssues for the last 2 months. And that is why we are looking for a new tank now as he has to go. Looking at our history we would be expecting HC modes by now, and that is the level of play we would expect from you too!!

    If this sounds interesting we would love to hear from you!


    Aeternas officer crew!

    PS: Contact me in game at: Aquamist#2841 or apply at aeterna(.)guildlaunch(.)com
    (or ask for an officer online
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    Got down one more boss 15/16 HC next week i would hope
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    Good news, finally done with the normal content. Starting with HC tomorrow. Still looking for a tank and dps to stand by our side.

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