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    Stat Weights in Reforge Lite

    Hey all

    So Im using Reforge lite in order to sort my reforges out and was wondering what sort of stat weights I should go with?

    From what ive heard the priority is Crit>Mastery>Haste with haste being pretty bad overall? But what will that translate to in terms of the stat weights I should go for

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    if you go to femaledwarf.com and plug in all your data it will nicely spit out the actual stat weights..

    what I do though is if I'm doing crit>mast>haste is put crit=30 mast=20 haste=10 or something like that.. the difference is minuscule in any case just make sure you are hit/expertise capped.

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    You could plug in 1000 10 1 and the reforge results would be the same as 2 1.5. 1. Stat weights are more to establish the priority and do item comparisons. Once you have it, the values don't really matter so long as they fall in order.

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    I actually don't like using FD for stat weights. It tends to over-value haste due to averaging.

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    indeed. the only place where stat weights might matter if you're so volatile with your hit and expertise caps that it's uncertain whether you should be slightly over or under your caps, and what stats to use for that. but that's like 0.1% DPS difference at most whether you should reforge haste or mastery in most cases. I remember back in WotLK rawr days, my paladin could get 0.1% DPS from changing gems around. you're likely to gain more from playing better.
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