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    Funny thing is for ages back when I was doing it I thought I had the same issue and couldnt figure out why it was being dispelled, I total mind blanked that my ENSLAVE DEMON would run out on the pit lord, between phases you need to remove your Enslave and re-cast it on the Pit Lord, hope this helped

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    Why are such cheesy startegies needed?>.> Use the pit lord stun on one of the felhunters and it will instantly die(you cast but double damage). Kill the other 2 and enslave the pit lord back... Fear or Mortal Coil him in the meanwhile if you have to... he won't have the charge because you used it.

    Why do people like to over complicate this shit so much jesus christ.

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    I had the same problem. you lose the Pit Lord Enslave because felhunters cast Devour magic (or something along those lines, it was hard for me to understand they actually did that), you need to kill them fast before they can cast that. What I did as destruction (I was ~470 ilvl) is face the pitlord a bit away just in case Devour magic hits me, keep like 3 embers and Dark Soul before the Felhunter phase, Rain of Fire as they spawn, Havoc one, Chaos Bolt another twice, then Shadowfury them all, cast some Conflagrates or a Chaos Bolt while at the same time order the Pitlord to charge them and use his Fel Breath, finish them off with whatever you have left, use Fel Flames if they are close to sub 20% so you can Shadowburn asap.

    If you master that and brought some potions to remove the Doom curse before it hits if you are lowish ilvl, it's cake.
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    There're only 3 felhunters and can be killed within 10s by a destruction lock. havoc the dog on the left, chaosbolt on the middle dog, if you have a ilvl of 520+, your shadouburn will be avaliable, kill them, collect the ember and chaobolt shadowburn combo for the last one.

    Dont be nervous, even if you lost control of the pit lord and boss is casting cataclysm, you can avoid it by escaping downstairs with demonic gateway and burning rush.

    In fact pit lord is NOT mandatory. chaosbolt can also be avoided by a demonic circle behind the pillar.

    I dont know if this is an exploit, but my account is still usable, so I think this is allowed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aherooffools View Post
    So, I don't understand something... Is the last boss for the green fire bugged or something? Because everytime I come to the Felhunter phase it dispels my enslave EVEN THOUGH my pit lord is literally 200 yards away and LoSed (not joking, I actually measured it). I have full aggro on the Fel hunters and almost no issues with the rest of the fight. I CANNOT get past this phase though because of that reason. I've wiped 37 times now, all at the same spot, all with the same problem.

    Maybe a patch bug or something? Idk. When you've LoSed your pitlord in every tangable spot and it still get purged, then something is wrong.
    Distance is of no factor if the pit lord is anywhere but directly behind the fel hunters it will be dispelled. Think of them having a vision of 270 degree radius around them, the pit lord needs to be in that blind spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathranis View Post
    Also make sure that it's not just your enslave wearing off. You need to recast it after a while.
    This, i can't believe how many times i wiped on kanry and not realizing it was ED wearing off.
    ED last 5 minutes, which is roughly the same amount of time the 2nd fel hunter phase start.

    My advice is, download WeakAuras and use this
    It's not entirely necessary, but it makes the fight a lot easier.
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    the trick is having the felhunters never face the pitlord. even if they turn for a sec to reposition themselves they have a chance of dispelling the enslave.

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    Be sure to soulshatter right before he starts to channel doggies too. This will hopefully result in him aggroing the PL before he starts throwing chaos bolts at you during the doggies

    Welcome to WoD Please enjoy your stay!

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    why dont you go to the thread with 100 pages instead of making a new one?

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    Thanks for all the feedback guys! All your advise really helped a lot on my micro-managing (I have terrible ADHD so this fight is hard for me as I can get too distracted). I got past the felhunter phase and pushed the boss to 4% before I realized that I had run out of potions to cleanse doom, so I know I can probably down him today.

    Quote Originally Posted by adezero View Post
    why dont you go to the thread with 100 pages instead of making a new one?
    I don't usually spend a lot of time on the forums, so I didn't know there was one. But thank you for informing me. I'll go see if i can find it later when I actually have time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aherooffools View Post
    I got past the felhunter phase and pushed the boss to 4% before I realized that I had run out of potions to cleanse doom, so I know I can probably down him today.
    What's your item level right now? I got my Kanrethad kill at ilvl 513 without using any consumables (no flask, food, or cleansing potions). Total fight length was probably around 5 minutes. On my final, successful attempt, he was dead before a second felhunter phase could happen, and I never had to release/re-enslave the pit lord.

    As has been said countelss times, this fight is totally doable at lower gear levels (and of course 513 is pretty mediocre for 5.4, but I'm a casual and it's an alt), but past a certain point some of the recommended preparation for this fight just becomes overkill.

    Edit: Also, if you're able to push him that low (4% is just over 1.25 million HP) before Doom kills you, assuming the second fel hunter phase isn't coming soon (or has already happened), the pit lord can easily finish off about 2 million of Kanrethad's health by itself (it doesn't despawn when you die, and you can even control it -- while dead -- to use charge/breath on cooldown at that point because you don't need them as tactical cooldowns anymore). If you've soulstoned yourself beforehand, I'm assuming you can let the pit lord finish him off and pop back up when he's about to die to trigger the ending sequence. I was thinking about trying to pull off a cheap win that way myself before I surprised myself and stopped making mistakes.
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    Make sure you are re casting enslave demon around 4mins in. Look at your wipes, are they all around 5 mins? Mine were, it wasnt because of the felhunter dispell, it was the enslave demon wearing off.

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    In my experience that dispel has an infinite range and ignores LoS, despite what other people claimed whenever I tried to use pillars or distance to avoid the dispel it failed 100% of the time.

    The best thing you can do is just park your pit lord to one side and stand on the other, when the felhunters come out hit them with aoe to instantly agro them to you and keep their back to your pitlord.

    You have to hold your ground here. Moving is tricky. If you even try to backpedal the felhunters will do that weird 180 to reposition their hitbox and if they turn around for even half a second they WILL eat the buff.

    So the solution is to just not move, save all your cooldown for this phase and don't forget you can siphon from your pitlord.

    The damage can be nuts with three felhunters and a rain-o-fire ticking on you but if your good you can instantly kill a felhunter and just use your cooldowns to survive the rest. Make sure you clear yourself of DoTs before this phase starts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmage View Post
    The damage can be nuts with three felhunters and a rain-o-fire ticking on you but if your good you can instantly kill a felhunter and just use your cooldowns to survive the rest. Make sure you clear yourself of DoTs before this phase starts.
    All three can be taken down in 6 or 7 seconds with mostly T15 LFR-level gear. Hold onto your embers from the last imp phase, stand right in front of the portal (with the pit lord somewhere behind it) spamming it with RoF before the puppies spawn, havoc the first, chaos bolt the second, shadowburn them, and chaos-shadowburn the third. After a few tries it should be routine.

    If you're specced into Soul Leech, you'll absorb more than half the damage they have a chance to inflict on you.

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    I'm still tweaking my strategies with this, but what I found out to be the crucial part of the encounter is the felhunters. Make sure that the felhunters have their backs on the Pit Lord and DO NOT MOVE. More importantly, make sure that you don't have the debuff (Seed of Terrible Destruction) that causes the void zone to spawn underneath you as it will screw things up and get the Pit Lord dispelled!
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    Only loosely related to this topic, I want the Annoying Imp as a battle pet.

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    warlock green fire quest

    Does anyone have any help and advice with this please? I get up to the part where Kanethrad summons the three fel hunters and I can get him down to about 74% health.

    Thing is, how do get rid of aggro enough to prevent the fel hunters from breaking the enslave demon on the pit lord whilst avoiding the shadow bolt.

    It's annoying where I send the pit lord away far enough so i don't lose control, but even then I still get overwhelmed by the fel hunters and lose control.

    I have checked out a load of videos and forums online but they were all pre patch nerf.

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    the felhounds dispel in a cone in front of them. i died dozens of times on them due to not knowing this (and having 460 ilvl pvp equipment ...).

    1) after interrupting the cataclysm before the felhound phase send your pet right or left of the portal.
    2) use soul shatter so the boss is busy and stand on the other side of the portal (left or right).
    3) place some rains on the portal to get the aggro. they should instantly face you ignoring the pet.
    4) pop all cds and havoc to burst them down before cataclysm starts again.

    dispel yourself before the phase starts! nothing worse than an annoying imp ...

    with this tactic i had no problems with dispels.

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    Thread: Green Fel Fire Last boss.....
    Thread: Greenfire boss question
    Thread: 5.4 - Green Fire Quest
    Thread: Green Fire Questions!
    Thread: green fire quest chain need help

    There you go, the last 2 are maybe pre 5.4, had no closer look. Cheers.

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    brilliant, i'll give this a go! thank you

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