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    Quote Originally Posted by Vacashamanica View Post
    now I wonder what is going to happen to this green fire thing when 6.0 hits, are they going to remove it ? are they going to scale it to 100 level players ?
    If you did it before 6.0, you'll get a special title. Other than that nothing will change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    If you did it before 6.0, you'll get a special title. Other than that nothing will change.
    it will be nice that they re-make it for the 100 lvl with a purple effect now .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vacashamanica View Post
    it will be nice that they re-make it for the 100 lvl with a purple effect now .
    I think they'll give something special to another class next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    I think they'll give something special to another class next.
    Red or orange lightning for shamans would be cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raiju View Post
    I've done greenfire for more than a handful of friends clicking through it. First time I did it was 505 ilvl (I know, not 490 or anything) and clicking was NOT the reason I failed. The reason for failures was 1. Finding out about imps, 2. Finding out about chaos bolt, and then 3-7 learning and failing fel hounds.

    If people are struggling because they are clicking and can do it keybinding good for you, but it's certainly more than possible while clicking and the only hindrance caused is a minor dps one. Mechanically any fails are on you as a player, not your playstyle.

    If you could explain what you struggle with as a clicker I could explain how I handled it, but I'm at a loss to what really causes issues. Everything on the fight has plenty of warning and it's just mistakes that cause deaths.
    I realized my style is akin to what I used to use on console gaming, movement dominant on the left and action dominant on the right. Much of the difficulty I am having is in paying more attention to what I am clicking with my mouse rather than looking to see what the boss is doing, this is what is killing my awareness on this fight. I didn't have so much of an issue with this on other high awareness fights such as pre-nerf Lady Vashj and Lich King back in WoTLK, but then again those were not solo efforts.

    Great news is that my Wife got me a Razer Naga expert for Father's Day. I think this might be what I need to continue my style of play, but allow me to focus my attention where it really matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laerrus View Post
    I am in the same boat, my Wife and I came back to the game earlier this year after a 3 year break.

    At this point, I'd just be happy to have green fire.

    Update: The first 7 stages of the scenario were such a breeze, I thought taking on Ebonlocke would be cake... I was not prepared.

    Nevermind that I know how to properly reforge, enchant and gem my gear.

    Nevermind that I think I have great raid awareness and survivability. When I die, I am not the kind of player to sit back and blame the tank or the healer. I acknowledge my mistake and take steps to not let it happen again.

    Nevermind that I currently over gear the encounter at ilvl 542. (Mix of Celestial's tier drops, the crafted belt and Timeless quality gear, most with double secondary stats.)

    Nevermind that I usually end up in the top 5 on the dps parse.

    Successfully completing this encounter is going to require that I completely change THE WAY that I play. Defeating this boss is simply not possible via clicking and it has given me the motivation to improve my game via key binding.
    I click and I managed to beat it. Clicking vs keybinding really is not a measure of skill.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damajin View Post
    Yes but then again I believe in both the rational and irrational, and definitely think there's more to existence than just this life. People don't have to like it or agree and I don't have to care.

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    Any ETA on 6.0? I have to get this, but i'd need to gear my wlock alot first. Cba wipefests, as people say you should aim at 540+ ilvl for this to be somewhat smooth.
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vacashamanica View Post
    it will be nice that they re-make it for the 100 lvl with a purple effect now .
    I would LOVE that so much. But I think other classes will have special things first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vacashamanica View Post
    it will be nice that they re-make it for the 100 lvl with a purple effect now .
    Meh, Green fire is enough for Warlocks.

    What I would like, next, is for Mages to get BLUE flames (Arcane fire, anyone?!)
    There is a thin line between not knowing and not caring, and I like to think that I walk that line every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vacashamanica View Post
    it will be nice that they re-make it for the 100 lvl with a purple effect now .
    And how does that work out lorewise?

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    Almost done levelling my warlock but was just wondering if the ilvl 522 gear + timeless trinket and 496 jp one would do well? Really excited to try this and I hope the gear doesn't make it too easy

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    I did it in much less gear but with the gateway helping drop threat making it a "bit" easier (saying that I still nearly bankrupted myself on repairs from fails and was so tensed up from finally beating him that I popped a few stitches from an operation I'd had a few weeks earlier and had to dash off to hospital after I beat him).

    Tried it recently on my much better geared alt warlock and had a tough time, but it's just about getting the tactics right and takes less time with the better gear. Once you learn how best to avoid the chaos bolts and switch and kill what you need to kill ASAP you should be fine in that gear.

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    I finally managed to do this last night. I was having latency issues, but it worked out.

    The hardest part was always the felhunters, but moving the big guy far back and then just blasting the felhunters with anything I had available worked in the end.

    But the problem is that i didn't receive the damn achieve or title for it

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    Finally done it this morning xD Last 2M was done with pit lord which I luckily enslaved before I died, cos I forgot to re-pop my demonic circle. Done It with 512 ilvl mostly timeless+ToT gear + some pvp thingy. I am extremly happy and it was fkin hard, even when I watched a lot of videos about it, still u need to execute it almost perfectly.

    I am leveled lock just bcs of this before MOP dinged it last sunday, so my experience with lock is very limited xD U really need to use everything u can. LOS chaos with demonic circle, purge magic from sacrificed demon + pit lord breath. However I didnt banish any doom lord, but rather tank em with pit lord. And managed to not lose enslavement till I almost died, bcs I always send him away and then charged+chaos bolt him.

    I think in rly long time I wasnt playing something that hard, personally I found this much harder then half of the siege on heroic difficulty. Maybe if I would have moar experience with Lock+Destro It would be easier but still, requieres tons of micromanagements and u can really do it even with low Ilvl, enrage timer was still 1-2min away from hiting zero.

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    Tried it around 8 times last night with a massive headache, got angry after getting him to 400k 2 times and then dying x.x

    Will get it eventually, just have to not panic on the second wave of felhunters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperlance View Post
    But the problem is that i didn't receive the damn achieve or title for it
    Those won't be implemented until patch 6.0.

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    I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong but I can not seem to burn the fel hunters even REMOTELY fast enough as a 493 lock, I also don't have any of the pvp set that everyone seems to suggest using, should I even attempt this or get some pvp gear first? 20 wipes in one day is more than enough to make me want to faint from rising blood pressure

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    Yay! I tried it again about an hour ago and everything clicked and I did it in one try. So overall it took me 9 goes to get it, pretty happy with that! screenshot of my lovely new demon form :3
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    I just got this last night as well. This fight has nothing to do with ilvl (it certainly helps, however); it will be next to impossible if you're not familiar with the mechanism of the fight.

    • Dispel yourself. That annoying imp will screw some vital casts and the purple cloud can easily disrupt your gateway / portal.
    • Make sure that the fel hounds never face the Pit Lord. If they so much as look at him, they'll eat your enslave. I found that putting down a rain of fire as soon as Kanrethad started summoning them helped get the focus on me. This step became very easy after this realization.
    • Keep an eye on your enslave timer. Nothing is worse than your Pit Lord becoming free just as Kanrethad starts to cast Cataclysm. Make sure to re-enslave him when you can. I made the mistake of removing my enslave, fearing the Pit Lord and re-enslaving him. Just then Kanrethad started casting Cataclysm - with my Pit Lord feared.
    • The Imp phase was chaotic. I always felt that I had little to no control over it, but the key here is to make your Pit Lord do all the hard work. Throw down 2 or 3 ROF and have him charge and breathe over the group. Then finish them off with a few Fire and Brimstone rotations. It became very easy, near the end.
    • The Doom Lords are easy. Just make your Pit Lord damage them as soon as they appear and you won't have to think about them for the duration of the fight.

    Good luck for those who have yet to do it.

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    Are there any tricks I can use to drop threat on the boss? Soul Shatter doesn't seem to do anything and they removed the threat drop from the demonic gate.
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    Are you too far away when using it? It has a 50 yard range.
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