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    took me 170 kills, but it was worth it!
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    Took only about 7 kills for me ;p. Got it today and finished, final boss at ~512 gear level done in 30-40min judging by flask, like 7-8 wipes. Was gibbed by pretty much all things stated bar enrage (Felhunters eating enslave, enslave running out, forgetting to portal out of Chaos bolts) but in the end, it's very predictable fight, no rng whatsoever. Felt very similar to final boss of (stage 1) rogue legendary, more quest like that teaching people how to use whole potential of their skillbook would be really nice.
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    I got my book off the 3rd rare on the day I reached 90 (it's an alt)!

    Finally got Kanrethad today! Damn it was hard to do! Had to farm a bit of LFR and one alt run to get enough gear! >.<

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    Thanks to some advice earlier in the thread I was able to do this on my 10th try at 473 ilvl. My first 5 tries were with 461 ilvl, and my DPS was just... not good enough on the Felhunters. I am not particularly good with Warlocks (only got to 90 about a week ago). There are a few easy tricks that I've not seen posted in many places which can really help especially if you're doing it at low gear. Some of these have been said elsewhere but in particular these are very helpful for doing it with bad gear.

    1) Don't immediately enslave the pit lord. Fear him once first, it gives you another 20 sec or so of DPS time on the boss while he just stands there like a melon. Can make all the difference when you have poop gear.

    2) There is no Cataclysm before the first Imp Phase - you can use Charge stun freely (especially if you have 4 embers saved up from step 1) and get lots of damage - in particular, charge stun the cast of Curse of Doom, further delaying the cast, and extending your enrage timer, as well as giving good damage.

    3) If you use the gateways literally as soon as you can every time, and stun the boss, you can get to the Imp Phase without him doing anything to you. (In fact I once actually got him to entirely skip the first Imp Phase, which actually caused me to wipe because I had no embers left for the Felhunters and I was totally unprepared lol).

    4) This is what caused me to wipe most often... ALWAYS Soulshatter during the Felhunter summon, Pit Lord should be on PASSIVE and move him to the opposite side of the gateway. Felpups must be looking directly at you, and facing away from the Pit Lord.

    5) To deal with Felhunters: Rain of Fire + Fel Flame to get some agro on them and pull them together. Havoc one, pop Dark Soul + any other trinkets, start casting chaos bolt, and use the Pit Lord charge stun to get a double damage chaos bolt on two targets, finish off with Shadow Burn on both. I used 2x Backdrafted Chaos Bolts + Pit Lord breath to kill the 3rd one quickly + Shadowfury stun.

    6) During the Doomguard summon DISMISS AND RE-ENSLAVE THE PIT LORD - if you do not do this, the enslave will break during the 2nd Felhunter phase because it runs out, and you will probably die.

    7) If you are in low gear and have your Purification Potions, use them during the second Doomguard phase - this is when the curse will be about to kill you, and it's your "reminder" phase to do it. Everything else is a bit chaotic after this and your heart will be racing so if you don't use it now you will forget to use it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumineus View Post
    All of the "Mage" pieces from SWP, with Glyph of Verdant Spheres.
    The problem I have the "mage" sunwell set is that only the boots have the mage tag on them and locks can't mog them. There are no other boots with the same skin either. Very annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aerodyne View Post
    6) During the Doomguard summon DISMISS AND RE-ENSLAVE THE PIT LORD - if you do not do this, the enslave will break during the 2nd Felhunter phase because it runs out, and you will probably die.
    This is what's been killing me, I didn't know when to reenslave until too late. Thanks, I'll give this another go when I wake up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usurper View Post
    That bloody book doesnt exist! How mAny more rares .......
    Don't forget to keep checking your AH. A book surfaced last week on my server's AH for under 4000g.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geegeez View Post
    Don't forget to keep checking your AH. A book surfaced last week on my server's AH for under 4000g.
    Yeah. The price of the book dropped rapidly since 5.2 hit on most servers, even on small ones like mine.
    I don't know exactly, but I think I sold about 10 or so since then...while the first 2-3 sold for about 80k, I'm meanwhile happy with ~5k.

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    so far i have farmed 4 after about 100 kills, used one (got my green fire), sold 2 (30k and 5k) and have another one up for 3k.
    People on my server undercut like a motherfucker

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    The Patient
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    Took me around 25-30 tries with an ilvl of 483 until I finally realized that the reason I was failing with felhunter phase was that I still had a /petattack /cast curse of the elements macro I use in pvp in my bars which made the pitlord attack teh felhunters. He got dispelled and I got dead :/ I was so enraged cause I couldn't figure out why the hell he was getting dispelled despite being los.
    Clearly, the fight is 66,66% getting your strategy from guides, really expected it to be more random.

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    Got him to about 7% just now... Could not kill the damn imps, ran out of mana, shit goin on, died. ILGNrluavnluierghluaerghui

    EDIT: WOOOO!! Just got it! So awesome!

    Only after about 70 attempts. Totally worth it.
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    By the way peeps is there any way to see how many wipes you had at a specific boss ?

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    Maybe in Statistics... I'm at work atm, but you should check there

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    It isn't there >.< just checked.

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    It have DMB timers, I assume it would be there if you use the addon.

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    i can now consistently get past felhunter phase 1, phase 2 is kinda spotty at times. i got to doom lord phase 2 twice but for some reason i fuck up and i can't get the second doom lord to lose aggro on me even after a gateway jaunt.

    i wish i didn't wake up so early to have to wait after server maintenance to get more attempts in. the birds starting to sing outside and i envy them for not having to worry about doing kanrethad

    edit: i'm only ilvl 463 with welfare pvp epics and a 384 quest trinket and i'm confident i can kill the boss with more attempts... but maybe i should try to replace that trinket to see if it'll help me because i was sitting at ilvl 450 a few days ago and my attempts were absolute garbage in felhunter phase 1
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    The maintenance break will do you good. But getting a better trinket will also help, for sure.
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    I finally got mine last night, took me two nights of about 15 attempts each, so I wouldn't get too upset.
    By far the hardest part was the Fel Hunter phase, after I mastered that phase it was pretty simple until the end. I kept hitting the Curse mark with the boss being at 20ish% still(501 iLvl). So I had a friend make me a few potion of purification, and it worked great, got him two attempts after that.
    My advice, follow the guides that works best for your play style, watch the different videos, then take breaks if you are getting too frustrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usurper View Post
    That bloody book doesnt exist! How mAny more rares .......

    You will get it!

    I've gotten 4 so far on my warlock

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