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    Why don't make one of these old threads sticky so that nobody needs to post a new thread when they want to discuss it?

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    Actually if go look in the stickies there is a collection of all helpfull threads which aren't marked as sticky:

    If you make every interesting thread a sticky you simply would lose any chance to stay on top of things.

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    As an update to those who helped me with the posts, I'm at an ilevel of 510 now and I still can't kill him, even pushing 120k dps. I don't think I've ever been so frustrated in my entire time playing WoW as I am right now.

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    Dont give up I think i had around 30-40 wipes on him before getting him down. i was only at 512 ilevel. Try to use an intellect flask that does help a little on your dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aherooffools View Post
    As an update to those who helped me with the posts, I'm at an ilevel of 510 now and I still can't kill him, even pushing 120k dps. I don't think I've ever been so frustrated in my entire time playing WoW as I am right now.
    I think i did it at 512. The most important advice i can think of for this boss is take your time. I died plenty to retarded stuff, like eating the chaos bolt/"forgetting" that the hounds spawn etc, when just tunneling the boss. So take it easy'ish.

    So here's few things i noticed/found online.

    When the boss starts to summon fel hounds, move your pit lord to the left side of the gateway, cast rain to the gateway and move to the left. Havoc+CB the first 2 hounds and use the charge+flames on the third along with your nuke.

    Before the doomlord spawns(or during the summon), re-enslave the pitlord(i had a macro to dismiss it), then charge+flames on it and soulshatter and you don't have to worry about the doomlord anymore during the fight.

    Remember to re-cast your tele as you have to use it due to the 1min cd on the gateway.

    And most of all, don't give up on it. At worst, get few more pieces of gear and kick his a$$. :P

    *edit* i also specced to unbound will and pretty much kept it on cd along with imp dispel from the GrimSac.

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    I give up... I got much higher ilvl and I guess I must suck or still be ding something wrong cause his dots just rape me in seconds after felhounds.

    Thank you Serendia!

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    Ever tried to dispel these dots? Sac Dispel, Pit lord's dispel, unbound will, purification potion?

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    You know what....
    I thought "ehhh one last try andI'm done" and I fucking did it haha . Kicked his ass before he cast 2nd imps . Damn my day just got alot better!

    Thank you Serendia!

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    Finally got this done today

    Tried a few times pre 5.4 and was never able to get it. I know people say skill > gear for this but i wont lie, having better gear definitely helped me i think. I didn't even get to the 2nd set of felhunters this time before he died.

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    cool thanks i'm looking to start playing my lock again as my main

    - - - Updated - - -

    I hope with the nerf they're still completive in PVE

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    I finally got this done this week. Whew. I wiped an awful lot in learning what to do. For me the problem was always the Fel Hunters. It seemed that no matter what I did they removed the enslave from the Doomlord. In the end it just came down to timing. Once I realised that I really didn't need the Doomlord any more once the Catacylsm after the imps had been interupted I was ok. I just send the DL off straight after the interupt to the left beside the portal. In 5.4 you're tanking the boss anyway so as long as you are dispelling the dots off yourself using your talents instead of the Doomlord once you send him off it's ok. Then get him back on the boss as soon as you kill the Fel Hunters of course.

    My other big learning was to use the Doomlord's Fel Fire thing on yourself every single time it's on cooldown. Those DoTs'll kill ya really fast.
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    Got him to 2.6m with 522ilvl. Tried it 3 more times and my gateway won't work, woo!

    random. managed to re-enslave my pit lord before i died to the cataclysm and he solo'd him.
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    Decided to try Again...

    I am a casual that have done a few Flex, so my ilvl is 550... He died when the 2nd fel puppy spawned... They should really change it next patch tbh

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    Quick update, I stopped doing the fight after I posted here (lock at 510 ilevel), and I just went back in today (528 ilevel) and decided to give it a go while I was waiting for my friends. I failed on my first attempt (I forgot ALOT of stuff I needed to do,like redoing talents and such) and beat him on my second try without even pushing him to summon imps a second time. I found hound a LOT easier this time around since I could pump up to 1mill Chaos bolts out.

    THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE HELP!!! I really needed that boost of encouragement to not give up, .

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    lmao people doing it at ilvl 550 and saying change it next patch.
    I did it in around 480(? cant remember) gear and didnt complain.
    Pawzz, ArenaJunkies

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    I did it about a week ago with ilvl 535 gear. Not gonna lie, it made a HUGE difference. I straight up ATE a doom bolt and walked it off (no defensive cooldowns whatsoever). Was still a fun fight, and I love the green fire. Slight complaint: my fire with glyph of nightmares is still orange -_-

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    Good luck Ahero! Just keep cranking, all of the sudden things will just click! I really is a grind!

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    pawsz, was it before gate-nerf, or after it? Beforehand this boss was doable with 450, if not less.

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    decided to finally do this quest even though I've had the codex since 5.2. I'm a casual and I have 534 ilevel, but I wanted to get the cloak before I started. I picked up purification potions flasks, and int pots.

    honestly you just have to do the fight. thanks SO much for all the guides, they really helped. Twilight ward couldn't soak a chaos bolt, but unending resolve, sacrificial pact, then LOSing the 1st and 4th one. I just did this today and it took me about 11 pulls to do it. once I could get to the dogs, everything was great.

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    This boss should be like a challenge mode with a flat ilvl reduction upon entering.
    I got the codex the first day you could get it and the boss was challenging in my gear.
    A friend couldn't kill it in ilvl 530 so I logged on his account to kill it for him and OMG it was just a zerg, way to easy.
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    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
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