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    Legendary Tied to Server's forge progress

    As you may have seen on the front page part of the legendary quest is tied to when your server unlocks the lightning forge.
    Anyone else agree with me that depending on the difficulty of the raid we could see the race for world first or even outside of that some server's who have 2 guilds both top 30'ish on opposing factions come down to who's server/faction unlocks shit first. Cause everyone having legendary in a raid could be the difference between a end boss dps check being met or not weeks earlier than a guild not having the meta gems assuming that they are gonna be as special and strong as they sound. any thoughts.

    its supposed to be Tying something that helps with raid progression to a servers daily progression is

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    Exodus and vodka merger and moving to the #1 horde pop realm seems to show there possible thought's on the matter or maybe they just wanted to go to the #1 pop server and shut up Gamble at the same time who know's.
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    I dont see it being an issue honestly. "depending on the raid difficulty" it could be, but i dont see any of the "world first" guilds having the legendary metagem when the final boss dies for the first time.

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    Didn't notice that. Concepts like that are very cool. It's good to see them making a return.
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    World firsts are typically done in a week.
    How long did it take you to get your MSV sigils? Not a week.

    Soooooooooooo... nope.
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    i like it. brings the server together. though my server is kinda dead and we have yet anyone on it to get heroic sha.
    this server will properly get it late into the patch but i still like it.
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    I'm not fully against it either but I look back on Firelands for the reason I disagree with it. I was in a guild about US 35th 25 man. We got US like 50th rag after a few bad weeks of playing like crap. We lost server first by 2 day's to a horde guild who had been right on our tail the whole tier. Now what would have happened if 1 of us had meta gem's and the other didn't. cause honestly our server was ally dominated 4 to 1. Would we have won the race we didn't deserve?
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    Im pretty sure to unlock the forge it requires the server to do dailies instead of killing bosses.

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    One has no impact on the other. World First will be done tons before any server has it up.
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    Im pretty sure to unlock the forge it requires the server to do dailies instead of killing bosses.
    yes and before hardcore raiders that want there legendary meta gem's can't get them they have to wait for there server to unlock the forge. that's what the poll is about.
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    Legendaries were never about the individual anyway. There not a single legendary weapon you could get without the help of a raid group. This simply expands the notion to an an entire server faction. It's either that, or a repeat of 5.0 and 5.1 where the legendary quests can be completed simply through capping VP every week and spamming LFR ever week; a purely solo-able act. It was fine because the rewards were a prismatic socket and a 500stat gem, but you have to remember that the path to a legendary means doing ALL the quests from 5.0 -> 5.1 -> 5.2 and so on. If all of them are "solo-able", then that robs the Legendary of some of its rarity. Having a few patches or bumps in the LOONG Legendary quest chain, makes it so you have to depend on other people to get it.

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    In the mind of a World First raider... I don't think this is going to matter. The first tier this expansion didn't use the legendary gems... based on that, I don't think not having the legendary meta gem is going to be that big of a deal breaker in terms of World Firsts.

    As for the rest of it... Well, I kind of like the idea behind unlocking the Lightning Forge. However, I don't see this as another opening the AQ gates sort of deal. Guilds aren't going to come together to get it done. It's going to be more like the Quel'denas unlocks and such. People will be out there doing dailies and then go about their business. It's happy times all around.

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