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  • Yes, I heal pets just like players

    21 2.76%
  • Yes, I heal pets, but only as the lowest priority

    303 39.87%
  • No, I don't heal pets, it's the pet class's job to keep them up

    148 19.47%
  • No, I don't even have pets on my bars

    288 37.89%
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    As a healer, is it my job to heal pets?

    This sparked a surprising amount of guild drama and I wanted to ask a bigger audience -- Is it a healer's job to heal pets, or is it a Hunter/Warlock's job to keep their own pets alive?

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    Generally no, but I do in 5 mans. In raids the pets can die.

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    Their job to pay attention to their pet. If they don't want to deal with managing a pet they need to reroll. On a side note as a tank I always let pets die if they have growl/threatening presence on, there are few things more annoying than those pets in randoms.
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    Pets are part of the Hunters mechanics, so I believe they are responsible for keeping their pets alive. However If I am not having mana issues and have a moment where I can throw a hot on their pet I will do so. But I won't heal a pet over the tank/other raid members ever.

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    It depends, is it a hunter pet in a 10m raid then you should heal it since you will loose the buff it provides if you don't.

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    I heal pets, but only if they, for whatever reason, end up tanking.

    For Panda!

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    Their pets shouldn't die in a raid(boss) fight in the first place, unless one of the pets is assigned to tank something at w/e point. Then it might be a good idea to heal it. Other than that there is no need to heal it, AoE heals such as Healing Rain/Wild Growth/and some others jump on pets as well. No need to ever heal them up directly. Don't even know how a healer not healing a pet directly can even cause a guild drama :S.

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    Pets should only get a heal when others are safe/it's dead in another hit/tick. If it ends up dead and the healers are doing that, the one at fault is the owner.

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    Nope. They're the responsibility of the owner, and in many cases a lot of pets avoid, or are immune, to a lot of AoE damage. It is rare for pets to die randomly, unless they take aggro.

    That said, I do recall in Tier 11, having to Beacon my friends imp, because it would die far to often for no reason, so it was easier for to beacon him and heal him.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    nope not at all i don't expect my pet to be healed when i'm on my hunter i do it myself when i'm on my healer they arent on my bars

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    Personally, I feel your job is to heal the team and the pet is part of the team but priority wise they are at the bottom of the totem pole.

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    Healing pets is their responsibility as they have tools to do it. Healing players is priority. If it doesn't cause you much mana drain nor GCD wastes a HoT on pets every now and then should be sufficient

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    I say no. I'm also a healer but I don't have the pets in my raidframes and don't want them there either.
    If they want to bring pets - fine... just don't expect my mana to go their way.

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    I have a hunter main, but still when I heal on an alt I don't even have the pet bars up. When I'm on my hunter, it's my job to keep my pet alive (and its buff active) using Mend Pet, Exhilaration, Cower, and ESPECIALLY not having Growl on, etc. In practice, I've found that thanks to pets' massive reduction in AoE damage taken and benefitting from the same AoE heals as players, if it's not pulling threat the pet shouldn't be dying anyway. And if it is pulling threat then the owner of the pet is a bad, or the tank is even badderer. But much more likely the owner of the pet.

    So no, don't worry about those pets.

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    Our Paladin healer said they don't heal pets except for letting AoE heal, which caused several people to jump on him telling him that if we wiped at 1% and he let a pet die, then that would be his fault that we wiped, since pets contribute to DPS. He argued that such a situation should never happen and there was a back and forth, etc. Went on for like 10 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowser View Post
    . Don't even know how a healer not healing a pet directly can even cause a guild drama :S.
    It's amazing what can cause guild drama I've seen this argument a few times over the years, very mixed reactions to the question

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    They should be using mend pet, because for most healers pets won't even show up on any of the bars.

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    I can't stand posts like is every raider's job to help kill the boss IN ANY WAY THEY CAN. If a hunter's pet dies its a pretty big dps loss for a hunter and if you are doing 10 man you lose a buff.

    How is this even an issue in your guild?

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    I'll heal them if I'm not going to need that little bit of mana later on in the fight. If I'm sitting with too much and I've underutilized my total mana pool then I'll throw some hots on pets. The only time I'll heal pets regardless of mana pool is during a Hunter's Bestial Wrath in Battlegrounds but they still triage below players of course.
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    as a warlock i'd say priority goes to players

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