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  • Yes, I heal pets just like players

    21 2.76%
  • Yes, I heal pets, but only as the lowest priority

    303 39.87%
  • No, I don't heal pets, it's the pet class's job to keep them up

    148 19.47%
  • No, I don't even have pets on my bars

    288 37.89%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    Nope. They're the responsibility of the owner, and in many cases a lot of pets avoid, or are immune, to a lot of AoE damage. It is rare for pets to die randomly, unless they take aggro.

    That said, I do recall in Tier 11, having to Beacon my friends imp, because it would die far to often for no reason, so it was easier for to beacon him and heal him.
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    pet 90% cleave reduction is usually enough that random aoe/splash (healing rain, chain heal jumps, prayer of mending, wild growth) is enough to keep them alive. if a hunter/lock cant keep their own pet out of a high damage void zone and it dies, that's their own damn fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dancing Turkey View Post
    Pets are part of the Hunters mechanics, so I believe they are responsible for keeping their pets alive. However If I am not having mana issues and have a moment where I can throw a hot on their pet I will do so. But I won't heal a pet over the tank/other raid members ever.
    But what about warlock demons and DK ghouls? Warlocks have to channel in order to heal their pet, while an unholy DK has to sacrifice quite a bit of DPS to heal his ghoul.

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    I generally didn't heal pets when I raid healed. In a 25 man raid the pet bars can take up a lot of extra space on your interface.

    I also have a hunter and it was fairly easy to pull my pet away from certain dangers and to keep it up.

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    Pets take virtually no damage on nearly all fights, in addition each class has the capacity to heal their pet themselves. Hunters especially have ZERO excuse for letting their pet die as mend pet is one GCD and provides enormous amounts of healing. Warlocks it's a bit trickier, but for any encounter where the pet actually takes damage due to some weird mechanic, they could always sac it and not have to deal with a pet in the first place.

    Pet's don't need any heals from healers aside from the occasional AOE heals they happen to soak up and as they typically take no damage on encounters, it isn't needed anyway.

    It is the pet owner's responsibility to keep their pet alive, not the healers. It's no different than asking a healer to keep throwing mana away on an idiot that keeps standing in fire because he can't be bothered to move out of it. Their fault, their loss.
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    No, but I do heal totems.

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    As a hunter, I say no it is not. It is OUR job to keep OUR pets alive, not yours. With that said, if everyone is doing fine on health and you see a pet kinda low on health, you could toss it a heal. However, your priority is the players first.

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    For me, they usually get hit by proximity spells. (WG, PoH, Radiance, CH) I always make sure to keep a GCD clear for Mend Pet on my Hunter, and I think it's a glyph for Warlock I may need to get, since I'm really loving playing Demo atm.

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    Depends, in raids it does not really matter pets take virtually no damage whatsoever from aoe ect. It is more or less only direct damage that can hurt them. Unintended damage like pet gets in melee before the tank (1st boss in hof) then it is just a simple matter of using petpassive.

    For pvp its a whole different story, the other team/players will single out the pets to limit damage/utility.
    In that situation you have to heal the pets as it may be completely vital (depending on class/spec). Mage willy (not so much), lock (depends on his talents), uh dk ghoul (rather important), hunter pet (very important).

    If you play with a bm hunter and you let the pet die (not to los or ect, you simply refuse to heal it) then the hunter will barely do 30% of his damage as the other team will simply stay on him and interrupt whenever he tries to ress it.
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    As a healer no I don't heal pets, they are not on my UI and never will be, the pet class has the ability to heal it so mine are not required.

    Although that said we haven't had a pet class in raids for a while so it hasn't really been an issue for me (and in 5 mans I don't ever see a need anyway).

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    As a dps, I only dps boss, I don't dps trash, it's not my job

    Healer = heal
    DPS = Dps

    No wonder why this game turned into shit

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    Last time I actually healed pets was Heroic skittles for beacon heals on my holy paladin. Otherwise no, I don't heal pets nor have them on my bars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    But what about warlock demons and DK ghouls? Warlocks have to channel in order to heal their pet, while an unholy DK has to sacrifice quite a bit of DPS to heal his ghoul.
    Glyph of Health Funnel. Not that you really need it in a raid because your Warlock pet takes so little damage. Helpful when soloing and using your pet to tank, though.

    Pretty much 90%+ of Aff/Destro Locks sacrifice their pets in a raid anyway.

    If you're a Demo Lock and your pet is taking so much damage in a raid that he needs heals, then either you're doing something really really wrong, or your tanks suck and can't keep aggro off a pet. Don't blame the healer if your Warlock pet dies, the blame is 100% on you or your tanks.

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