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    Moving to a new realm

    Im looking to move to a pvp server (US only). Im specifically looking for a big world pvp scene, i want to be able to go out and gank people leveling and I want to be slightly disadvantaged in terms of horde:ally ratio. Im planning on going alliance. I was so open to some rp, its not a deal breaker but it looks like it could be fun. Any suggestions?

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    I would suggest doing a lot of research with guildox, wowprogress, and wowcensus. Servers with almost equal population ratios, high population, high activity, and PvP, are Frostmourne, Korgath, Kil'jaeden, and Bleeding Hollow. Of course, you should go with whichever server fits your timezone, demands, and play style. I wouldn't suggest just going to a realm because it has this ratio that you which to use towards your advantage, especially that zones are usually empty these days. World PvP is not what it used to be. I can find more open fights in older zones that hold important land-marks or instances, like outside the Dark Portal, than I can find in Pandaria. The cross-realm-zones make it much better. On my CRZ, which Kil'jaeden, the Dark Portal is usually littered with skeletons around the entire crater.

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