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    Can we accept LFR or heroic queue during combat

    Is it possible for us to join LFR or 5 man heroic during combat ?.
    Scenario : I am killing mushans for my LW druid while I am in LFR/5 man heroic queue.And when the queue pops up, will it allow me to enter even when I am in combat ?.

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    I coulda swore you used to not be able to , but fairly recently I have.
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    No, you cannot accept while in combat. At least that is what it just told me in-game a little while ago. I had to get out of combat before I could accept.
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    I'm pretty sure I've accepted queues from heroics and lfr during combat and got into them while still in combat, this might be something new lately.

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    Yeah, I've also been able to accept while in combat. But I remember not being able to do so while in combat aswell.

    So, not sure which one is supposed to happen :P

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    I tend to kill the mob first anyhow. Queue is open for 30 seconds..mobs are dead faster....

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    I also seem to remember not being able to accept while in combat, yet this past week I have been able to. I was out farming dread amber shards and was fighting 2 mobs and LFR popped and I accepted and it took me straight their, its also happened with LFD too.. so I'm not sure what its supposed to be haha.

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    in the past you could not accept. but these days you can.

    not sure if you are in pvp combat tho.

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    From my experience you can, I must have coincidentally not joined one during combat in the past when people say it was not possible.
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    You can accept for LFR and LFD while in combat, but frankly you cannot do so for random BGs.

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