Hello! I'm Demotivated. I'm currently progressing H HFC with my guild and no matter what drops in raid, we always try and find upgrades prior to raid time. I'm currently using Forgemaster's Insignia N. I have an empowered Saberblade Insignia in my bags atm with 291 Str / 291 Mastery. I've looked at multiple DPS comparison lists for trinkets and they all rank Saberblade Insignia below N Forgemaster's but the Saberblade Insignia they link is 291 Str / 145 Mast / 145 Multi.

Now I know our stat priority is Str > Mastery > Multi for DW, but I was wondering if this Saberblade Insignia, which is worth about 6% extra frost damage, is better than a Normal Forgemaster's Insignia?

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...vated/advanced

I appreciate anyone's help! Ty