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    Sigh... locked out of account.

    I'm an idiot and forgot to turn off my proxy, that of which I use to watch tv shows from other countries with to lift any restrictions and forgot to turn it off to log into my battle net account and now it's locked. I don't remember my secret answer question but 3 times now Blizzard has been able to help me, twice when I got hacked and once to remove an authenticator, all without the secret question.

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    Ehm... okay?

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    Call them..
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    you can call em for free over skype

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalliah1 View Post
    I'm an idiot
    oh. Thank you for sharing.

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    Hey Dalliah, you can get in touch with us here - if you have any difficulties with that, just drop me a line. I would also recommend that once we help you get back into the account to put an authenticator on. We have the free mobile authenticators which are super simple to set up, and will make it so you don't hardly ever see locks like this.


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    A blue post? On MMO? That is propostrious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesiz View Post
    A blue post? On MMO? That is propostrious!
    Its not, they have posters here now, plenty of threads on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemesiz View Post
    A blue post? On MMO? That is propostrious!
    Araxom showed up the other day in order to help out with customer support things. ^^
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    Stay on topic, guys, if you're not here to offer any assistance, don't get all excited and post about a blue posting here

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    lol, I didn't know they actually had blues on here, interesting...

    OT: As was said before, just call them, they are pretty good about fixing this sort of thing (also may want to get that secret question figured out).

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