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    would you rather have an overly protective immigration / Customs officials, or a repeat of 9/11 ?
    Well, there's a false dichotomy if I've ever seen one.

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    First off you can't lump border guards and airport security into the same category. Totally differrent job, training, and selection standards. The CPB are highly trained law enforcement professionals. They people that do the job WANT to be there, and go through a fairly long application procedure. So not failed cops.

    By airport security I assume you mean TSA. That statement really isn't accurate because TSA provides very little in the way of actual airport security. That would be local law enforcement. The TSA's primary job is screening of passengers for contraband PRIOR to being allowed into a sterile area of an airport deemed as secure. Meh I don't want to lessen what they do...they ARE involved in airport security...the just are not the end all all be all of airport security.

    Now you could make the claim that they are failed cops, but that is mostly untrue as well. Their job is largely unskilled, so the barriers for entrance into the occupation are fairly high school diploma and a pulse. They are not failed anything. Some of them may not be the coldest can in the six pack, if you know what I mean, and some of them MAY get a power trip out of their job, but for the most part they are just guys and gals trying to do a job.
    I wouldn't lump them all into the category of "failed cops", but I would lump them all into the category of "authoritarian personality types that like having power over others".

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    I wouldn't lump them all into the category of "failed cops", but I would lump them all into the category of "authoritarian personality types that like having power over others".
    Maybe. Sure there are many that fit that description but there are many that don't. I've bumped into MANY a TSO by far the majority of them have been solid dudes.

    I kind wonder if people have preconceived notions about what a TSO is and then perceive the reality of meeting them in a way that helps to confirm those notions. I'm not saying you are guilty of that. I'm sure you have had a shity experience with the TSA. With that said though, I HAVE seen people go through a checkpoint in front of me, or behind me as smoothly as the system will allow. Only to bitch about how horrible the experience was. I've seen pax get belligerent with TSO and TSOs trying to calmly defuse situations caused not by them only to hear people literally tell them the power is going to their head...while they are on the defensive.

    With that said, I've said I've seen the bad they have to offer too. I've seen 80 year olds in wheelchairs selected for additional screening and attention. I've seen a 16 year old in a cast grouped for 15 minutes. I've seen downright rude and obnoxious TSO. These are all the rare cases...the ones or twos out of millions.

    Spectral, I feel like we have had this very conversation not to long ago.
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    Get a grip man! It's CHEESE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatOak View Post
    American border guards are assholes though; whereas the Canadian ones just look inside my car, make sure my passport is real, and send me off.
    I watched the video you linked, and honestly I think the border patrol did a pretty good job. The Canadian dude clearly knew he was recording the exchange, and clearly he was doing so for a reason (the reason being he planned on pushing some buttons to see if he could get a rise from someone) and he got exactly what he was looking for and then some. Was there a reason for the border guards to harass (I used the word loosely) the guy when he only planned on taking his wife to the mall? No, not really, but if the guy hadn't made SUCH a big deal about the admittedly silly question he would have been on his way. As discussed elsewhere in this thread, when people are asked if they're terrorists, or if they plan on harming US citizens, they're not likely to say yes, right? What do they say? Who knows? Probably something like "No, I'm just going to the mall." /shrug

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