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This may sound kind of odd but i want to start slimming down but lose some muscle in the process. I been building alot of muscles in my legs and upperbody to the point it may makes me look stubby and weird looking. Is there an effective way to get rid of some muscle? right now every time i go to the gym i run at least 30 min on the tread and do higher rep low weight resistance training.

Loosing muscles? Theres a first for everything.
Step 1, loose the excess fat you have on your legs, if they still are to "big" then, do alot of long distance running/swimming/skiing/bike or whatever.
Think it as a comparison of a sprinter and a long distance runner, the sprinter is alot bigger, right?
So go lower resistance/speed and longer time on your cardio sessions.
Just focus on maintaining strenght on your weight exercises.

And if you do that and keep a low calorie diet you should loose fat and atleast not build any more muscles.