Well, I know that CRZ and PvP servers have been a hot topic of debate, so I decided to share some confessions of my ganking on my PvP server:

-I once ganked a level 45 undead spriest for 1 hour straight in EPL. He just kept respawning near the area of darrowshire, and he tried to be sneaky about it a few times, but thankfully I had track humanoids to easily spot and destroy. It was pretty hilarious because he created a level 1 on my server and started cussing me out. I told him: "PvP happened on a PvP server"

-On my 85 mage, I would perpetually cast blizzard right at the spot where level 58 players spawned to head to the dark portal. The chaos that ensued when they brought their mains and buddies was glorious and fun. Mages were very fun to PvP with at level 85 when they implemented CRZ. I just got him to 90, so it will be fun again once im full Conquest geared.

-On the shelf above the ogre cave in mt Hyjal, I would mind control nubs questing up there and jump off the edge to make them fall to their death. Hilarious, and it enticed a TON of PvP action when they got on their mains.

What cool / interesting ways have you ganked other players on your PvP servers?