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    Taxes Paid to Services Rendered

    I haven't been able to come up with a solid search to answer my question, and I was hoping someone more creative than I could help me answer; what countries get the most for the taxes they pay? For example, I know that much of Scandinavia pays a large amount of taxes, but gets a huge amount of services back from what they pay, whereas the USA pays less but gets remarkably less in return. Is there a list out there of countries in order of what they pay for services rendered?

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    I think the biggest problem of the US is that, while it has all the extra expenses derived from the size of the administration required to the size and complexity of the country, it doesn't take advantage of the savings that it would obtain by making nation-sized programs, due to economies of scale. I understand that many of the public programs, like schooling, healthcare, welfare... are state-wide instead of nation-wide, and even those that are nation-wide are "complex" (like having medicare + medicaid, each with their own limited coverage, instead of having a single blanket plan), which makes the costs grow.

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