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    Name Changes Are Here! (Bonfires Too!)

    With the latest update we had a few items added to the gem store, effectively allowing us to name change and grant public, aoe boosters.

    Anyone have a name they regret? ;D

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    I regret the name zito

    because everyone messages me and ask zito barry?

    Yes people I am zito barry.

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    Man that bonfire thingy, wish i could save it, so epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KelaniScar View Post
    Anyone have a name they regret? ;D
    Not necessarily a regret, but I'll be buying a name change thanks to ANet taking 3 motherfucking months to do what they said they would do in 24 hours. Yes, indeed I am bitching about how long it took them to release GW1 names that were reserved and then unused in GW2. And now I've spent another 4 months wasting a character slot to hold the name. Now, I wouldn't be this bitter if it wasn't for the fact that I went to customer support - not once, but twice - and posted on the official forums, only to get the answer "we won't be releasing them at all" and no response, respectively.

    Ah well, at least I can finally change it. I love the number of people that got a sex change for their character and still have a name that is clearly for the opposite gender.

    Edit: Whatever happened to Drakewurrm, he would commiserate with me on this one.
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