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    How are Koreans so good at wow?

    I went to WoL today to upload some fights and all I see is korean letters all in the top 3 for Normal and heroic. No offense but how are they that good? Internet connection, computers, sponsored?

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    Edit- Chinese not korea

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    The answer is 8 ilvls higher gear

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    Korean work ethic :P
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    They have 4 ilvl upgrades not 2 due to their separated 10/25 lockouts. 10 drops 509 [0/4] same as us, 25 drops 517 [2/4]

    Their max ilvl is 525 whereas ours is 517 (excluding HC-E prots where we get 524 they get 532)

    Basicly, they're playing a different game to the one we are.

    His Upgraded ilvl: 518
    Mine: 512 - despite actually out-gearing him

    This is why we can't beat them
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    Koreans were born to be gamers. They come out of their mothers with a joystick. Also, Asians do anything we do better. So it's no surprise they rock at every single game they touch. Oh, and koreans are usually the guys you see in the news, dying from too much gaming. They trully commit to work!

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    To avoid the typical ethnic stereotypes and bashing, we're going to close this.

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