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    So i just left the Church.

    I finished my paper work and now i only have to mail them and no more i shall be part of the Swedish Church or any other.
    If you were born before 1996 in Sweden you got registered and became part of the Church by default if some of your parents were part of the Church, (that most likely also was part of it for same reason).

    Fact when a research was done only aprox 15% of the people belived in ''God'' yet 70% was part of church, why?
    Well in my opinion it is lack of information and pressure from the older generations when talking about this religion. Many were told to not ask questions and they didn't and stayed part of the system by not doing anything at all.

    I say that if you want to be part of some raligion fine be that, but make the choice yourself and do not let the religion make it for you!
    I really hope we can be free from this kind of nonsence one day buy i do have my doubts, mankind seems to like invisinble fantasy men that tells you what to do.

    I do belive that we do not need religion to have a reason to be decent and sorta nice to each other only common sence is what we need.

    If you like me and do not belive in some holy spirit and live in Sweden Stop twidling you thumbs and do something about it! Beliver yes? then stay! Non Beliver? Then get the **** out of there!

    Duno about other countrys but this is how it is here in Sweden by default but i guess as time passes and the ''old'' dies we get rid of those last 15%.
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    Don't take this as a fact (I don't live in Sweden) but I heard somewhere that being part of the state Church has some kinds of benefits conerning weddings, funerals etc. Is this true?

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    Eventualy religions like this die , mostly christianity will die..no offence to any believers!

    Looking at the moslims wich kinda still live in the era of religions ( again no offence ,) this do fit in their society.

    Well good for you you got out , i am a non belieber myself

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    This kind of thread will start talking about religion, bashing it for sure and just religion overall, and that's forbidden.

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