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    Is it cowardly to walk away?

    The Classic Chav Encounters

    A group of 4 - 5 youths (late teens) approach you and try and start a fight with you for 'looking at them weird'. You glanced at them and that's it. They starting spitting at your feet. You keep on walking. It's obvious they want a fight. What do you do?

    A) Keep on walking. Ain't nobody got time for dis shit.

    B) Summon your inner Chuck Norris and lay them all out. Get a cigar out after the 'battle' and proceed to tea-bagging. You're so hardcore you get one of the chavs to take a picture of it on your smart phone. You upload it to Facebook and tag the photo as 'Just another day yo'.

    C) Fight dirty. Bite, scratch, gouge the mother-fuckers. Fighting 4 v 1 dirty so why not fight dirty back?

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    In all seriousness, if your ganged up on unexpectedly, do you think it's cowardly to walk/run away? In reality there isn't many people who could handle four or five people at once unless you're a pro boxer or some shiz.

    If you votes "Yes". Please explain what would you do in the situation? (without some macho "I could beat 5 people up at the same time" bullshit)

    P.S I forgot to untick "Multiple Choice". Don't vote twice foos.
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    I'll pick option A, if only because the way your worded it was hilarious.
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    Follow your instincts
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    Is it cowardly? Yes. Absolutely. No question about it.
    Is it wrong? Sometimes... Yes. Other times... No.

    Cowardice =/= wrong.

    In my case, I usually stand my ground. Not internet tough guy, here; just an ordinary person who's seen a lot of violence. Am I afraid? Usually... Very. One of them might have a weapon. But in most cases, they're not looking for a fight. What they're looking for is you running away.

    You don't have to be a boxer to beat them off it. Usually, these kids are more afraid of you than you are of them, and the mere act of standing your ground will make them more frightened. I once had a group of around thirty of those kids hiding behind a fence because I stood my ground. None of them were willing to face me, not even after provocation from my part.

    Why I stand my ground? Because of my personal history with violence. Not standing my ground is much more damaging to me than facing them. It results in tremors, anxiety attacks and other nasty things. So it's not because of bravery that I am willing to face them.

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    Since there's 4 or 5 of them I'd walk away. 2, maybe, but not 4 or 5. You also don't know if they've got a knife or if you accidentally kill one of them if they get hit on the head or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elisif View Post
    Follow your instincts
    Yeah. Fight or Flight. I'm saying which one would you choose to follow?

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    I'd personally make them feel like dumbasses by insulting them with exceptionally large words.
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    No, I'd just get beaten up even if it was only one of them.
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    Even if it's one person, there's no such thing as being cowardly for just refusing to fight someone.

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    Probally flash my concealed firearm and remind them that they are fucking with a servicemember.

    If that didn't get them to part my way, id thrash them continuously untill they got the point

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    As a very tall person, it would depend if I think I would win the fight, there was a time when i was about 16, that 5 guys of the same age (a 'rival' catholic school) bullied me a bit on the bus, one day I snapped and told the 5 of them to get off at my busstop and i'd kick the shit out of them 1 by 1 (they were all like 5'4" and i'd have been 6'1" at the time). They didn't move, I knew I could beat them all, but if I thought i'd lose, i'd walk away definitely, and no, it's not cowardly, the 4/5 guys are the real cowards.

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    There is absolutely nothing cowardly about walking away from a situation where you are outnumbered 4 to 1. That's just being smart. This isn't the movies where you get a stunt double and a few takes. There's no telling if they've got something else in mind for you other than an old 1 and 2 ass-whoopin'.
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    Idk, it sort of depends on the situation. If they just make it sudden and it looks like I can leave and they'll get over it I'll just walk away. If they're really harrassing me though I'll probably fuck them up.

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    I once was in a similar situation where 3 guys tried to start a fight with me because i asked for a light to my cigarette. I snapped because one of them tried to throw a beer bottle at me, it slightly missed my head, so i beat that guy and 2 others ran away. Still i wouldn't have though myself to be a coward if i had backed off.

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    I would only consider it cowardly if you were afraid of being hurt or getting in trouble because of fighting. If its a certainty that you are going to get beat up its not really fear(implies uncertainty of outcome) so you leaving is just being smart.

    Picking a fight and leaving is both stupid and cowardly though as is joining in on a group to beat someone up.

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    If you walk away, you'll get knifed in the back.
    If you don't kill them, they'll come back for revenge.
    If you do kill them, their friends will come after you for revenge.

    Best to leg it.
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    In reality you'll probably get stabbed.
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    if i am in a position to turn tail and run, then i will because i got better things to waste my time with than fighting, if i am cornered i will fight back until i see my chance to gtfo. Also if a group jumps me then i will fight back with any means nescessary even if it means biting, scratching or pressing my thumbs as hard into the eyesockets of my opponent as i can but once i see an opening i haul ass away from danger as my instincts would tell me to do.
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    I accept sometimes you need to stand your ground.

    Other times, you need to be smart. If you have a group of people aiming punches at you, you need to accept it's not a battle you can win. The question is, if your ego will let you walk away? Would you rather get beaten up / mugged to walking away feeling like a coward?

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