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    Isn't that too much?

    I post a thread "New Town Bee published an interview with Sandy Hook School principal who was dead already".

    Someone replied: "Can somebody please make all the crazies go away?"

    My reply was, "It's strange. The news was published in a media. Why people can't have their onw opinion? Becasue you don't agree with them, then they have to bear the label of "crazies and have to go away? Or because they speak truth, you are afraid of it."

    I failed to post it. The thread was closed. It happens in five minutes. What an efficiency. Isn't that too much to seal other's mouth?

    The thread is at:


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    Your thread got closed because it's a conspiracy thread, we don't allow those.

    If you want to discuss something with a user, that can't be done in a thread, remember, you can always PM them and have a nice discussion.

    Closing this since there's no real purpose here.
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