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    The Ashbringer...

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    Varian: The Ashbringer...... it leaves everything in ashes....

    Genn: Ah crap here he comes


    Genn: NOT AGAIN!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bionics View Post
    I certainly saw some obsession with it... but DOES it become a viral trade chat link like [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?
    Fixed that for you. It still goes viral in my trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telwar View Post
    Of course, Ashbringer was forged by a dwarf (Magni, even, see the comic).

    So not *technically* a human blade.
    A dwarven-forged, dead naaru-imbued metal wielded by a human.

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    Time was, if you took the corrupted ashbringer to Scarlet Monastery, all the scarlet crusaders would turn friendly to you, and a scourged NPC near the end (high inquisitor fairbanks) would inform you that you could travel to outland to have the blade cleansed... but Blizzard never went anywhere with that.

    It was likely a "famous" weapon because it never had any clear source, and people were allowed to come up with all these crazy rumors on how to obtain it... just like the mysterious unhatched egg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    According to Lana'thel, both Quel'Serrar and Quel'Delar were forged by the dragonflights and given to the Night Elves and High Elves, respectively.
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    The fishing theory I remember and I also remember in wrath that it turns out what Nat saw (likely while drunk) was probably The Dustbringer!

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    Hehe i remember losing some hours of sleep due to reading about it here on mmo champ and wow wiki, I realy enjoy that kind of stuff.
    Tin foil hat kind of style, speculation and people discussing lore into a heated discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    Then all of a sudden, The Argent Crusade retrieved it. Would have been nice to know how Tirion got his hands on it?
    Mograine went "hey Tirion, catch."

    The end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    Then all of a sudden, The Argent Crusade retrieved it. Would have been nice to know how Tirion got his hands on it?
    Have you ever made a DK? Tirion gets th Ashbringer during those starting quests.

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    Ah yes, Ashbringer. One of the most lore-rich weapons in the World of Warcraft. I remember my friend from Vanilla who had a human warrior who was obsessed with the sword, or finding it anyway. Of course he never did but he use to theory-craft with myself and other about how the sword would be obtained. Even though I had only a mage at the time I was still intrigued by the blade.

    I think what was most alluring about the blade itself was the mystery surrounding the blade. The little in-game hints and references that drove players crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasconcellos View Post
    Indeed, yet Quel'Delar needs to be taken to the SUNWELL ITSELF (remember it emanates holy magic now) in order to be cleansed from the saronite taint.
    The Ashbringer is a different kind of blade. Remember it's made of a fragment of a Naaru (speculation), and that stuff actively soaks holy light in.

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