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    The Farm is gone when respeccing

    Anyone else have this issue?

    I go to my farm, harvest all the stuff I have and then usually change my spec towards DPS (main is holy) - instantly the crops or dirtpiles are gone. The cropfield is empty and flat.

    I fly away to the market and back - poof there they are again... So sure it isn't an issue perse. Just weird.

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    Old news.. It's always been like that..

    Pretty annoying too..
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    I blame the ninja Virmen.

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    Yeah, it happens to us all I think. Was pretty funny when it first happened to me. And by funny, I mean 'OH GOD WHERE ARE MY VEGGIES'

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    Oh well good that it IS old news, perhaps they will fix it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Oh well good that it IS old news, perhaps they will fix it
    Honestly that's probably something that would take awhile if they even ever plan to do it. It's some sort of phasing bug as far as I can tell, and they haven't gotten around to fixing people dismounting from multi-passenger mounts in CRZ zones yet, either. :P

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    its annoying, yeah, but i prefer them to concentrate tier effort on something else
    but i agree its a bit wierd thou oO

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    Oh yeah I don't really expect them to fix it asap. To me it is not a priority. As I said in my OP.

    But atleast I know its not me thats causing the issue due to some stupid addon or something.

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