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    Add-on for Raid frames/flexibility

    I dislike the current Blizzard UI for raid frames. I just want to have better options for customizing and to be able to move them around. The current UI take up a large portion of my screen. I would like to be able to move and resize the frames and possible make it to where I can see mana/hp in a less ugly way.

    Thanks, sorry for the lack of info. Thanks again for the help!

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    Compactraid is actually derived from the base blizzard raid frames and is imo one of the best raid frame choices around. It includes a very solid predefined set up but offers plenty of customization to any level that you wish, I'm thoroughly impressed with it.

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    Grid is what I prefer to use. Very good customization. Another good one is Vu-Doh

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    I will try all three of these out, thank you!

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    Shadowed Unit Frames also has their own raid layout, and it is highly customizable. Grid is the most popular raid frame addon you can use, and it is very simple. You can add to it a lot as well. If you want something more complex, which I doubt you do if you are not familiar with these addons, then try VuhDo.

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    Grid as suggested, maybe a whole UI can solve your problem (like X-Pearl,LUI, ect...) if you heal i may be in fvor of using healbot over grid.

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    I use Vuhdo for raidframes (since I heal on several of my chars), and use X-perl for player frame, target/targetoftarget etc and focus frames, I like being able to see my own buffs/debuffs on target in larger size, as well as target castbar directly on the target frame.

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    Grid has worke out great, thanks all! Any important additions to grid I should know about?

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    Get grid raid debuffs (if they are not included in the latest version, not sure) for all the important stuff. Add clique if you want on click binding (works well for healing or spells like combat rez, LoH and void shift, basically everything you want to cast quickly at a specific raid member without deselecting your current target).

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