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    Help me decide on which Race-Class combos to use!

    So... having OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is a bitch. Among other issues, I find it difficult to play games when I don't have things in an orderly manner. Originally, I used to play Humans almost exclusively, but since then, I've begun to appreciate having diversity between the various Races. However, this means that I have a little work to do.

    So, here's the deal; I'm going to lay out which Classes I would be comfortable having as which Races, and if you would, try your best to "LEGO" them together in such a way that I have 1 of every Class, without any of the Races overlapping. I'll go ahead and save you a bit of trouble, in that "Pandaren Monk" and "Night Elf Druid" are pretty set-in-stone for me. Keep in mind, I do *NOT* have to have every Race, since that would be impossible anyways; just avoiding using the same Race for two different Classes.

    So then; let's get started!

    Human: Paladin or Death Knight
    Dwarf: Warrior, Hunter, or Shaman
    Gnome: Mage
    Draenei: Priest or Paladin
    Worgen: Rogue or Warlock

    Orc: Warrior or Shaman
    Troll: Hunter, Shaman, or Priest
    Tauren: Shaman
    Undead: Death Knight or Warlock
    Blood Elf: Mage or Warlock
    Goblin: Rogue or Warlock

    Also, if you're not busy, please explain your point of view, too! Whether you feel certain combinations just fit better in terms of Lore, or even if you just think they *look* better, share your thoughts!
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    Human : Paladin
    Dwarf: Hunter
    Gnome Mage:
    Draenei: Priest
    Worgen: Rogue

    Orc: War
    Troll: Shamman
    Undead: Death Knight
    Blood Elf: Loc

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    Human: Paladin
    Dwarf: Hunter
    Gnome: Mage
    Draenei: Priest
    Worgen: Rogue

    Orc: Warrior
    Troll: Hunter
    Tauren: Shaman
    Undead: Death Knight
    Blood Elf: Warlock
    Goblin: Rogue

    I like both Cata races as rogues. I don't know why hahaha. For Goblins, I like the thought of a goblin who gets "money on the side" through some shady means. For Humans, paladin cause it just seems to be right, dwarf hunter cause of the kickass one in the original cinematic, orc warrior because it's the closest to barbarian, undead death knight because it would really suck to have the lich king kill you twice.

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    Human: Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, Death Knight
    Dwarf: Warrior, Priest
    Gnome: Mage
    Draenei: Paladin, Priest
    Worgen: Rogue, Hunter

    Orc: Warrior, Warlock, Shaman
    Troll: Shaman, Hunter, Rogue
    Tauren: Hunter, Shaman
    Undead: Death Knight, Warlock
    Blood Elf: Priest, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue
    Goblin: Warrior, Mage

    Naturally, Blood Elf are magic-users but I've included Hunter and Rogue because they are much alike Night Elf when it comes to stealth in lore. Goblin one is little difficult, I've always considered them as "engineer" classes.

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    Human Paladin- look the best in tier gear IMO
    Dwarf Shaman- love the idea of being a Wild Hammer
    Gnome Mage- They are all around arcane.
    Dreanei Priest- Beings who stauwartly follow the light, if a Valen style model ever becomes available.. *it wont* it would be pure epicness.
    Worgen Hunter- A beast who controls a beast, besides a wolf running with his wolf pet looks epic

    Orc Warlocks- Supreme in their gear, and lore wise some of the most powerful warlocks were orc. One did shatter a whole planet....
    Troll......i highly dislike their models.... i would say druid personally, but you dont want that... i like the fact they are more Loa based, then druidic...
    Tauren Warrior- Big Burley Bad Ass
    Undead Deathknight- They play the part well.
    Blood Elf Rogue- Female blood elf rogues have hand down the best stealth idle animation, makes me feel like a real rogue.
    Goblin Anything- you cant go wrong, aside from maybe warrior or hunter... i dont think they fit the bill

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    Worgen Druid
    Night Elf Rogue.
    Pandaren Shaman
    Dwarf Monk

    Since you've set in stone those and really should explore other options than overbearing stereotypes.

    every druid being a night elf and every monk being pandaren is boring

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    I would take undead for everything but i don't like repetition, even in real like i'll do something else just because i think "hey ! i did it like this last time, let's go crazy this time"

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    Human Paladin
    Dwarf Hunter
    Gnome Rogue
    Night Elf Druid
    Panda Monk
    Orc Warrior
    Undead warlock
    Troll Shaman
    Blood elf Dk

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    Human - Priest
    Dwarf - Hunter
    Night Elf - Druid
    Gnome - Mage
    Draenei - Paladin
    Worgen - Rogue

    Pandaren - Monk

    Orc - Death Knight
    Undead - Warlock
    Tauren - Warrior
    Troll - Shaman

    None of the classes do a Goblin justice, My Goblin is a lock because of the big booms, but Blizz needs like a Techie sort of class to fit with them.

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    Okay, I'm thinking this will be the way to go (as bandcamp also suggested, I believe):

    Human Paladin
    Night Elf Druid
    Gnome Mage
    Draenei Priest
    Worgen Rogue

    Orc Warrior
    Troll Hunter
    Tauren Shaman
    Undead Death Knight
    Blood Elf Warlock

    Pandaren Monk

    The only bummer is that I can't shake the feeling the Blood Elves and Mages just go together really, really well. As well, Warlock-gear doesn't really look like something a Blood Elf would wear. Perhaps, then, I would change it up go have "Worgen Warlock, Goblin Rogue, Blood Elf Mage", and nix having a Gnome altogether?

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    Here's a Simple Flow Chart for you

    Can it be Gnome? Then Gnome
    Cam it not be Gnome, but can be Draenei?: Then Draenei
    Are you trying to play a Druid? Night Elf

    Can it be Blood Elf? Play Blood Elf
    Is it a druid or Shaman? Play Tauren or Troll
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    Female orc : Warrior death knight hunter rogue shaman mage warlock monk
    Tauren male : Paladin
    Gob male : Priest
    Troll male : Drood

    Yes my main is a female orc

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    Might be a different setup to yours but this is another combo setup to try(all of these are assuming you pick male):

    Human: Paladin, Warlock or Death Knight
    Dwarf: Hunter
    Night Elf: Druid
    Gnome: Mage or Warlock
    Draenei: Priest or Paladin
    Worgen: Warrior or Druid
    Orc: Shaman, Warrior or Death Knight
    Troll: Shaman or Hunter
    Tauren: Shaman or Druid
    Undead: Rogue or Death knight
    Blood Elf: Mage, Warlock, Priest or Death Knight
    Pandaren: Shaman or Monk
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    Human: Paladin, Death Knight
    Dwarf: Warrior
    Gnome: Delete this race from game Mage.
    Night Elf: Hunter, Druid
    Draenei: Paladin, Priest
    Worgen: idk.

    Orc: Warrior,Warlock,Shaman, Death Knight
    Tauren:Warrior,Druid, Shaman
    Troll: Shaman, Hunter,Druid (imo only new race combo from cata which fit to race )
    Undead: Warlock
    Blood Elf: Mage, Warlock.
    Goblin: Rouge ? it's same category as gnomes

    Pandaren: Nothing really, even panda monk looks crap imo

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    Human Paladin or Priest (Holy/Disc only)
    Dwarf Shaman or Hunter
    Gnome NONE - Nothing really fits them, Mage/Warlock would actually be the worst choices for them, they're an engineer race, not a magician one at all.
    Night Elf Druid
    Draenei Priest (Holy/Disc only) or Paladin
    Worgen NONE - Nothing really fits that isn't already better suited for other races.
    Orc Warlock
    Tauren Warrior
    Troll Hunter or Shaman
    Blood Elf Mage
    Goblin Rogue
    Undead DK
    Pandaren Monk

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    Hah, I have OCD too and while I don't feel like I have to play the race that fits the class the most, the race-class combination has to make sense lore-wise and has to look good.

    If I had to pick only 1 class for each race then...

    Human: Paladin
    Dwarf: Hunter
    Gnome: Mage
    Night Elf: Druid
    Draenei: Priest
    Worgen: Rogue

    Orc: Warrior
    Troll: Hunter
    Tauren: Shaman
    Undead: Mage
    Blood Elf: Warlock
    Goblin: Rogue

    Pandaren: Monk
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