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    Can you get in trouble for this...?

    If you are in a guild that you are considering leaving because of *drama* reasons and they happen to have an unlocked portion of the guild bank with tabs that say things like "free access" that actually have stuff in them worth quite a bit, can you get reported for taking all of those items before you leave?

    I know it's not ethically right, and pretty underhanded (I'm not trying to argue this part of it). I'm just wondering if you can be technically reported and have action taken on your account for it. Thanks for any info.

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    Apart from having your name blackened for being a guild thief im not sure if its bannable but it could be

    TBH is it really worth it? to steal some trash in a gbank

    IMO dont do it its not worth it

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    You cannot get banned for it, only thing you can lose is your reputation in that guild and on your server.
    If you're not considering doing it, do a race / name change afterwards.

    However, its morally wrong. So don't do it!

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    It's not stealing if you have permission to do so. Many Guild Masters have complained to GM's about events like these and the GM's simply cannot do anything about it because the ex-guild member had permission to do so. Same deal goes for ninja-looting a boss. If no rules were explicitly mentioned regarding loot and the leader has ML on, he is free to do whatever he desires with the loot.

    Your reputation, on the other hand, may be trashed as a result of this. So take care

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    Not really, because they made it available, I guess the only thing they can do is get a GM to try to convince you to give the stuff back, but since they made it available to guild members, and that you where a valid guild member and not a hacker, it's yours for the taking.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I thought this was the case, I just wanted to make sure. I'm actually going to all but quit the game after leaving the guild, and if I do this it will only be out of spite for a few people. Probably won't happen, just weighing some options.

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    No you have access and took the liberty of taking what was accessible.

    Your GM is at fault for giving everyone (not just you) access to very valuable things. I was a GM myself. I made damn sure that epics/certain special gems/raiddrops were in a tab visible to everyone but not available to them. So whenever they wanted something "special" they had to go through my officers or me. Which worked fine.

    So while I don't condone anything you say, I think the GM should look at himself when he finds his guildtabs empty.

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    Blizzard has said time and again, if you have access to a certain bank tab you're allowed to take what you're permitted. If a guild master sets it up so you can take 10 items from Tab #1, then you're free to take 10 items from Tab*#1.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    You wouldn't be banned, but you would be a massive cunt and I don't think one would go far in life with that type of attitude.

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    you're a jerk

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    Being a GM of a six year old guild I can answer this easily. No there will be no reprocussions to the player. The GM respons that you will get will consist of "you gave him/her access to that part of your guild, it is a group resource, they are entitled to take it".

    Is it the moraly correct thing to do? NO. Don't be a jackwagon.

    "Drama" is defined differently by different people.

    The other day I had a guild member leave because I told another guild member that he needs to be more respectful of other guild members. The guild member that left stated in guild chat "this guild has too much drama" he then whispered me "you are not his parent and have no right to tell him how to speak to others".

    It was probably a good loss. The guy seems unstable.
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    You likely won't be punished but I have heard of rare instances where a ticketing guildmaster will get a sympathetic GM who will give back the stuff if it looks like it was taken maliciously (eg, you extract a ton of stuff then immediately /gquit). I don't think it's especially common since technically the guild leader gave you that access, but I think it's possible if it is obvious you did it just to spite the guild.

    Take the high road, dude. Don't punish the whole guild just because you have a beef with some players.
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    Each harassment/scam/theft issue that comes our way is looked at individually. I won't be able to give you an absolute yes or no answer, but if you're attempting to do something out of spite - I might ask that you reconsider. Blizzard will get a lot of tickets about Guild issues, and let's face it... sometimes it can be tough hanging with the same bunch of people, and things don't always go the way we want to. 'Taking the high road' as Tziva puts it, is wisdom indeed. If people in the game haven't treated you the way you want to be treated, then I would suggest paying them no mind and putting it behind you. Otherwise, sticky situations can become a whole lot stickier.


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    Or you could just, ummm, grow up? If you're having guild drama just leave the guild and move on.

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