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    [ H ] - Average Joe's: Bleeding Hollow - 25M Raid Guild

    Average Joes is a 25 man raiding guild, we are looking for a few players to fill the gaps we currently have within our roster. We are pushing ToT content and as such looking for great players that are willing to put the time for normal clear and heroic progression.

    Our raid times are:

    Tuesday: 0715 - 1030
    Wednesday: 0715 - 1030
    Thursday: 0715 - 1030

    We have a short raid week when compared to other guilds, as such we don't like to waste time and expect our members to be prepared for the encounter. Because of this simple fact we expect members to be logged and ready to raid by 0700, must know your class and how to maximize for each encounter. We expect you to be able to play your class to the best of your abilities and to put the raid needs before your own.

    What we are looking for:

    Death Knight (DPS) - Low - 1
    Druid (Balance with Restoration OS) - Very High
    Hunter - Closed
    Mage - Low - 1
    Paladin (Holy) - Low - 1
    Priest (Shadow with Heal OS) - Very High
    Rogue - Medium
    Shaman (Elemental with Restoration OS) - High
    Monk (Brewmaster) - High
    Warlock - Closed
    Warrior (All Specs Considered) - Medium

    You may contact me via message, on these forums or in-game. Please if you respond via these means provide a log parse along with your information.

    You may also contact the following members:

    - Rawkiller
    - Barrìcade
    - Elbshunter
    - Alborosie
    - Sliv
    - Eelz

    We are always looking for talent, if your class is closed but you feel have what it takes - drop us a line.
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    Bump - Still looking for more players to join our ranks.

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    Have had a few spots filled, still need more - bump.

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    Bump, come join us as we down bosses in ToT.

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    Bump - we still need more... Updated our needs to reflect our most current requirements.

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    Bump - Still looking for more.

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    Looking for more 5/12

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    Looking for more Oo

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