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    I would prefer for this addition to not go through, personally, but I don't see that happening. I think giving character power advantages to the people doing dailies is the wrong way to promote them.

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    its incentive to get people to do the dailies so the island progresses, same as they did with sunwell.
    they needed as many people as possible to do the dailies on each server to keep the island progressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drathos View Post
    So, as the title says, according to the front page, we'll get a RNG chance from a daily quest reward box to get extra Elder Charms.

    Personally, I've disliked the fact that I need to do dailies for Elder Charms ever since it was implemented, but at least I got to pick which ones I wanted to do to reach the 90 Lesser Charms per week. The 5.2 extra chance for Elder Charms seems to only come from 1 source: Sunreaver/Kirin Tor dailies. I think that is a terrible idea. Can anybody give a decent argument for why a RNG chance to get an item that gives you a RNG chance to get extra loot is a good idea?
    Because we'll need extra charms to compensate for the fact that they will nerf their win rate to make the extra ones look like a gain, when they aren't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurbz View Post
    One change I think needs to happen is making any loot won from coin rolls in normal/heroic non-tradeable. Based on comments in this thread I am guessing that is not the case. That would severely cut down on how "required" these coins seem and return them to the purpose that I believe Blizzard intended, a personal bonus chance at loot. Not half the raid using a coin on every boss then trading the gear to whomever could use it. Allowing that was a huge oversight by Blizzard IMO and needs to be corrected ASAP.
    Late reply, but: Loot gained from coins is not tradable, just like you can't trade any loot gained from Sha of Anger, Galleon or LFR. What people mean by allowing a raid group more loot is that for example if I win Essence of Terror on a coin, then someone else can take the one that actually dropped from the boss. In that sense, a raid group can get more loot out of a boss if people use coins.

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