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    Add-on for radius?

    Trying to heal as holy priest at Un'Sok is just mind-boggling, since basically evey smart heal you use is somehow going to heal the debuffed player. So I've been trying to approach it with a new strategy including using Halo instead of Cascade, but the problem is that I am very bad at estimating the range of Halo and now I wonder: is there any add-on that can show a circle around your character with a fixed radius of 30y?

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    Addons cannot draw in the 3D environment. The addon "AVR" did that in Lich King, Blizzard did not like it and they removed that functionality.

    You can try http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/halopro to measure the distance to the debuffed player but that's as good as you can get it. As a priest also, I would recomemnd you simply spec Discipline for this fight. Shields are much better suited to handle the debuff. Of course that's your decision though.
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    Don't some unit frame addons have a range functionality? Just check if each person, or enough people will be in range for it. Other than that, try using your environment as a guide for your range. Ex: if you use Halo and it maxes at a player standing next to a pillar, and you are standing 5 squares away from the pillar, there is your reference. This is what separates the good from the great, no offense to you since I do not know you, I only wish to help.

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    Not -exactly- what you're wanting since you would basically have to do this for every encounter but dbm's range finder would draw up a circle with the indicated range and show people inside this range. Of course, unless you know quickly who the affected person is and can identify him on the dbm range finder it would be hard to tell for certain whether he's in range or not..

    Vuhdo also has a range finder of sorts included, just specify the spell that has the range you wish to use and once a person is outside that range his unit frame will be changed accordingly, by standard dimmed/greyed out slightly, I'm sure it can be configured to be even more visible if desired.

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    I found
    to work better for me than halopro on my priest(i'd rather have a flat number that changes color on my screen instead of an icon or a bar)
    No time to read all the replies, so hope it's what you're asking for >.<

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    If you're using DBM, you can type /range 30 and it will give you a little radar thingie which shows which people are within a 30 yd range.

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