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    Quote Originally Posted by Nezia View Post
    Actually I was talking talking about my idea, not yours lol.
    Oh haha ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrannica View Post
    Whats wrong with Icy touch and glyph? Seems to be very good come 5.2 for unholy reaping. Death rune conversion on range + dispel. With chillblains an ensnare too and chains of ice provides a root.

    If all, chillblains should be baseline to make chains of ice not reduntant. I like the Glyph as is, but in PvP its too mandatory, though.
    That could work as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    Death Siphon should dispell! that would work.
    Maybe, but my opinion is too biased when it comes to Death Siphon as I don't like the ability.

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    Are you guys seriously planning to add dispel to ability which already has other uses as slow or selfheal? If it would be bound to Death Siphon, it would make the talent even more mandatory than chillblains currently is, and even one mandatory talent is causing lots of negative discussion in forums but two?

    And by adding it to Chains of Ice would be too much because it currently has no cooldown, and thats how i want to keep my signature root in future.
    Having dispell-Icy Touch damage removed so you can cast it on breaks-on-damage-CC'd people without CC breaking like mage or shaman counterpart and possibly having it off the GCD to make up the cooldown in it if it doesn't make it too overpowered or frequently used in PvE enviroment.

    Having control is everything, by adding several abilities in one button makes the gameplay boring or repetitive.
    Damn i wish someone from blizzard would be watching these forums for ideas.

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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I came to the conclusion that my idea probably shouldn't be implemented after all.

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