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    Molten Core and Weak Auras

    Greetings, 'locks,

    I'm looking for a good string for Molten Core procs. I've used a couple, but I'm not a big fan of them. I'm looking for something that will show a texture and proc number. Anyone have something useful like that? Maybe a progressive texture to coexist with the proc timer. I'm not sure if something like that is possible.

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    This is literally just the MC icon with a stack counter in the middle.

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    I did it with a group of multiple auras:
    • Stack counter as a text outside of the icon
    • MC icon coloured red (as marker for 1 stack left)
    • MC in default colouring (stacks >1 AND <10)
    • MC in green colouring (stacks =10)
    I get a timer of the time remaining on the icon because it's set up as cooldown.
    If you prefer to use progressive textures this should be easy to convert.

    I cannot upload the code for this group as I cannot log into my account before evening.
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