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    With RBG Boost PVP is Suck Now

    I am play this game for many years and my exp. in 2vs2 arena is maximum 1.9K and RBG Current Raiting 1600.I know for doing best pvp I need a guild zho doing RBG and Arena but I cant fiind in my realm a nice PVP guild and with Cross Realm I cant find players for doing RBG.Because all asking my exp. and achivment.in arena I find some timed good players for going rated but some times arena game doing 2 3 hour and we won only 5 or 10 raiting...this is really fun. who have money or friends in this game boosting RBG CR just in 50 min. 0 to 2400+ with just 3 Win and get elite gear + weekly Conquest cap 3500.Russain players boostin for money and others boosting for friend and what happen to good players? just doing random bg try to find arena or rbg team every day and waste time in arena many hour just for 10 or 5 raiting won.I am not happy with this system blizz I know in this game IF u are alone u cant doing anything have not 1vs1 arena but that is the dream for wow players because many players alone in this game and have not friend.I am not play this game for find some friends or for chatting with ppl.I am play this game because I love Warcraft but when I see noobs players have better gears to me Im cry about this.before this RBG Boost I can be killing players in random bg doing happy PVP but now also in Random BG All players have elite gerars.

    note: Sorry for my bad English Warcraft Players but I felt the need to write this.
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