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    enhance weapons Q

    What do you think, would 2x normal Shekkie claws be better than Shekkie & Garakal HC? (mainly asking this as the socket legendary seems to only apply to Sha touched weaponry)
    Edit: got one pair of Sheks ( 2/2 upgrades) and the Garakal HC (0/2 ups).
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    I used heroic Gara'jal wep + normal claw untill i got my heroic claw a few weekag ago. How ever i didnt have the socket. I'd sim it and go from there.

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    You can only put a gem in one of those, so HC Gara'kal is def better than an ungemmed Shek claw. In fact, the Gara'kal should be in your MH since the gem bonus will still apply.

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    If both of your claws are fully upgraded (504 ilvl?) then you should dual wield them due to having a higher weapon dps/damage

    Once you upgrade your H fist to 510 though, you'd want to MH that wep and have the gemmed claw in your offhand.

    For your offhand, I'm not 100% sure what the case is if you get a second gara fist and upgrade it, but the general rule of thumb is that weapon damage trumps all - sim to be sure since i'm speculating, not every wep comes with an extra +500 agi ;p
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