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    [A] Aggressive Authority (10) Sylvanas recruiting!

    Hello Reader

    6/6 normal, 6/6 hc MSV
    6/6 normal, 6/6 hc HoF
    4/4 normal, 1/4 hc TES

    We are a 10 man guild, raiding 5 days a week (sun, mon, tue, wed, thur) from 20:00 to 23:30. A almost perfect attendance is expected, while we know this is high, the benefit of it is that we play as a tight group of 10-13 players, rather than having to bench people every night, we aim to have everybody in the raid every night. If not for every fight, then atleast for some.

    Being a tight group, we are obviously quite a social bunch, and that is another demand we press upon applicants, you have to become a part of the team. A friendly voice on the vent.
    Obviously there's a time and place for funny lols, usually progress raids are not the place.

    Our specific needs are;
    - Mage
    - Warlock
    - Boomkin
    - Elemental Shaman

    We are always welcoming exceptional applications ofcourse.

    I hope to hear from you. Should you have any questions you can contact any member in-game, on our forums or just write in this topic.

    Officers: Gum, Proxehh, Filth, Ystsulkaz

    Forum: www.Aggressive-Authority.shivtr.com
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    Updated with Amber Shaper HC down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filth the Warlock View Post
    Updated with Amber Shaper HC down.
    Updated with Heroic Shek'zeer.

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    Updated with heroic Protectors.

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