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    [A] Sylvanas-EU - Old school ppl forming a new heroic raiding team

    Hello there mmo-community,
    We are a group of friends that recently came back to wow and decided to form a raiding guild once again. We are looking for some players to fill our roster and start raiding.

    Some info about our current roster:
    All of us have been raiding since vanilla with progress in all tiers including naxx. After raiding for almost every single raid of wow with a healthy and steady progress we hit the Cataclysm wall, where most ppl got bored of the game and decided to quit. During our raiding time we had cleared almost all the heroic content pre nerf and on their respective patches.

    What we are looking and what we are aiming for:
    We are looking for 2 ppl to fill our 10 man raiding guild in order to start raiding. We need players that have a nice understanding of the game and can easily adapt and learn new encounters. We are NOT looking for geared ppl, although being geared will help every1 including you to move to the heroic content faster. We are aiming to raid 3 to 4 raids per week and progress into heroic content as soon as possible. We are going to be a HEROIC raiding guild with healthy and friendly atmosphere.

    Where and when:
    Our guild will be formed in Sylvanas-EU, we are Alliance. The raiding days are not yet planned since our current members have no problem with any days. The schedule will be decided as soon as we get all the ppl we need, that means the raiding times will most likely be based on the new ppl.

    What we expect from you:
    We expect a great understanding of your class and of the game in general. As I have already mentioned we are not looking for geared players, we are looking for SKILLED players. We expect you to act and behave nicely, raging will result in a guild kick.

    What we can provide:
    In all honesty, I can only vouch for every single one of our current members to be an exceptional player with great skill and great personality. The guild is just getting formed and it will be up to everyone, us and you for its success.

    For ppl that are worried about gear, the gear will be equally divided between every one, no one will receive special treatment including myself. Every single one of our members, being a member an officer or the guild master are equals and will be treated as that.

    Sum up :
    We are old heroics raiders that came back to wow, forming a new guild and need some ppl to start. We are Alliance. We don’t look for gear but skill. We will be aiming for heroic content 3 to 4 days (4 days max) per week. We need mature ppl that respect each other. We are looking for 2 players to start rolling.

    If you are interested in learning more, or you are interested in joining our ranks pm me so we can chat. Expect an answer max 1 day after your pm.

    Have a lovely day.

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    bumps for laughs

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    you can also add me on skype johngeor1 for a chat and more info, still looking

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    still looking for ppl

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    Lack 1 person now, preferably a tank

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    still looking one tank

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    still looking for 1 tank

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