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    Quote Originally Posted by Collected View Post
    Whatever it is... I think it's linked to this tweet he made about 25 man raiding:

    "We have an idea, but it's a bit controversial so we're not ready to spring it on you yet."

    Whatever solution Blizzard feel they have for the problem of lack of people wanting to raid 25 man... it's what he meant with this latest tweet. So what could help the problem of 25 man... cross realm guilds might be one idea, although does that guarantee the problem goes away? Debatable.

    Personally I always live in hope that they merge US & EU so EU players could hop over to US servers, similar to GW2. But I doubt i'll ever see that in WoW.
    Would love to bring my paladin with all his TBC titles over from US to EU, best titles in the game still, not the shit ones anyone can now get an xpac or 2,3,4 later.

    My guess is Cross realm AH.

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    It could be something related to the bags. I'm sure I keep seeing mentioned the lack of space issue, in that they don't want to just give people bigger bags. Maybe some kind of library catalogue similar to the pets + mounts tabs, so that you can collect all pieces of armour/weapons you want without needing to actually keep it for transmog thus freeing up bag/bank space for professions + toys

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    Cross-Realm Auction House
    New Updated Player Models
    New Guild Talent Tree System
    LFR-LFD Realm Only ( Server Specific ) Such as a PvP or PvE Realm
    Events - Like in Guild Wars 2

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    Paid class change. Only $100.

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    player housing with mannequins you can equip your armor sets on, plaques on the wall to hang a select few weapons, areas that a select few pets can run around, special artwork on the walls depending on what raids/achievements you've done etc.

    I can but dream

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    Third WoW faction. Sylvanas welcomes back Varimathras and his buds. Demons were even originally a playable race in WC3 but got pulled later. See;
    Quote Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
    Zulkhan Friendlyimmolation and Mehrunes are known diehard Sylvanas fanboys. Like i said they project their hatred for Vareesa character on High Elves. Save yourself from wasting time.

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    I don't believe they would give WoW the same amount of attention and love like they used to, it's probably nothing exciting, especially if it involves PvP. I should say, LFG did make a "huge impact" when it was first introduced, but I think they have maxed themselves out when it comes to that aspect of the game. I guess they can add older raid instances or dungeons to queues, but I would not consider that a "huge impact "to the game personally. I mean sure they can build a completely new city and merge a battlegroup into that city, then yeah Id call that "huge impact".

    But instead of saying what I think it is, let me just say what I think WoW needs and that's a major update to the engine or a new engine completely. They have added stuff like SSAO where it has made WoW look better and better textures and even models, but that doesn't fix how flat and static WoW feels at times, don't get me wrong I have been playing since beta and there is no other game I love more than WoW and I will continue to play it. Some might say "Graphics are fine" and "It's not Crysis", I get that, but look what happened when they mentioned new player models again, all of a sudden new player models do matter and people keep asking for it like crazy. Who knows, they might be working on a completely new engine.

    Even adding better physic would be a powerful addition to the game. Physics is just an example and i'm not saying "add physics for everything", I don't think that would work with WoW, but something a little more advanced than what we have now would be great, it could even add more features for gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    interested to know what this is! maybe an expanding of the raid finder some how, maybe to include lower level raids, not sure.
    As this is usually a larger "system" we get rather than just a simple "thing" I'd actually rather like to see ALL instances with character level scaling mechanics. They only need to throw in a little justice points or something from it and there'd be enough people happy (as xmog is proving to be almost interesting enough for people to do old content to get decent models). The amount of "content" at that point would be... O.O

    While it's not something super quick and easy I don't think it would really be THAT hard to implement. The dungeons are obviously based on a perceived level of player health/damage so having the system able to buff content appropriately now they have something of a similar system in place with challenge mode (or even... (moment of realization) dang... just expand challenge mode to all dungeons...).
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    I knew it would be useful to be french at some point.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxAkirhaxx
    just get a mac. It's like sleeping with a fat chick to avoid STD's.

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    Okay time to throw some ideas at the walls and see what sticks...

    -Cross-Realm guilds / Able to be members of multiple guilds. Could create better variety for communities. Be in one guild for raiding and another guild for PvP.

    -Player Housing. Big one for me. Have several homes in each major "starting zone" or capital that can be purchased by the player. It is phased like sunsong ranch but players who don't own the same house can see yours or if you're home or if in your group. Furnishing and decorations are unlocked and added with achievements. Having killed major bosses and having the respective achievement puts a trophy in your house.

    -Hardcore Mode. A stretch. Same as Diablo. Level a character but if you die that's it. Unlocks high value achievements. Can't group with other players or flag for PvP.

    -Challenge Mode Raids. Because the hardcore crowd doesn't have enough achievement points.

    -Player models. Already known but not exactly "officially" announced. Could be a date or preview.

    -Player phasing. Answer a questionnaire and you are phased with players who answered similarly like in the Elder Scrolls Online. Be able to play with who you want rather than whole server.

    -Fourth Specialization for other classes. Gives straight up dps classes the chance to also be hybrids or other classes different play styles.

    -Armor dyes. Change the color of your weapons and armor.

    -Cross faction stuff. With the advent of the horde and alliance sticking to garrosh in the future we could see some joint faction content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Fist View Post
    Third WoW faction. Sylvanas welcomes back Varimathras and his buds. Demons were even originally a playable race in WC3 but got pulled later. See;
    God I hope so, but if Blizzard ever did this I'd bet it would be at the start of a new expansion...

    I'm hoping for graphics update for races, complete with sliders for character size and other improved customizations, or some sort of feature where you can downgrade your level and subsequent ilvl for old raid challenge modes/older content dungeons.

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    Cross realm arena maybe. Some creative way to allow real ID arena teams while still keeping the battlegroup system. Or maybe ditch the battlegroups all together and have 1 giant battlegroup but still give out the same number of rank 1's maybe.

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    I'm not saying it is any of these but id like to see...
    A Box for all the "fun" or "toy" items you know the stuff that doesn't really effect the game play.
    A Trophy Room where you put rare but useless items.
    Troll chat channel that you get sent to if you troll trade too much
    Crabby, for real this time!
    The ghost of Mankirk's wife that assists you when you cant reach your corpse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    So..I was just on twitter, and I went to GC's page and found..this..

    Player: "Wotlk gave us the random dungeon finder, cata gave us LFR. Which new mop feature do you think has had/will have a huge impact?"

    Ghostcrawler: "We haven't announced it yet. "

    ....What the hell could it be? 0.o

    Despite people's gripes with either or, LFG and LFR have really helped the game in one way or another. It doesn't depend on your personal opinion for one or the other, but it'd be hard to admit neither of has helped the game at all.

    What could it be?

    Only thing I have to guess is new Player Models, but that's really all.
    I'm hoping it's new character models too.

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    Could be anything.

    New character models.
    Cross realm raiding.
    Cross faction play.

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    Universal raid size ... 15 man .. no more 10 man or 25 man ...

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    Something like LFR/LFD that helps people experience content...

    "The ability to temporarily lower your level so you can enjoy older content like it was intended to be done"
    "Dungeons now auto scale loot and difficulty as you level. Once you reach the minimum level for the dungeon, you can queue for it at any level and the NPCs and loot will level up as well"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grocalis View Post
    Cross-Faction Grouping, you heard it here first.
    This would be the greatest and best thing ever.

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    Since we have no idea what to do with paladin class, we are removing it from the game. All paladins will be automatically changed to monks, which will also increase the presence of monks in PvP.

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    In my humble opinion, maybe is just the update for the looks of the Vanilla races

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    LF wpvp axctually sounds plausible. Kinda like instant adventure in rift, ally and horde are both sent to an area via teleport and flagged and given a basic objective of kill or protect the town or something idk.
    if this is it i sure hope it wont be like wintergrasp/tol barad. the lag will be unbearable.

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