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    Is WoW worth comming back to at this stage?

    I have had a little break from WoW now, i came back from the coastguard in november and found the game kinda boring, so i quit.

    Now a few friends of mine has returned to WoW, and trying to drag me along into the game, and I'm not sure. Is the game worth its money still?

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    I just got home from the army in december, and I, myself, still find it entertaining, so i guess it's kinda oppinion based, such as most things are. In my opinion pvp isn't in its best state at all, but even so, i still enjoi. PvE is still fine imo.

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    If you have people to play with on a regular basis then it possibly is worth the money. Otherwise its not worth it at all.

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    Do you think a few of your friends are trying to drag you back into a game because they think you won't enjoy it?

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    It's more than "kinda" opinion based. It's completely opinion based. Some people don't find it fun anymore, some people do. $15 isn't that much money though, just give it a try for a month, if you still find it boring you're out the cost of a date night at the movies.

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